Information Provider Proficiency Test


  1. Write a link that brings someone to your IP home page on CCN.

  2. You are editing a document in the Dalhousie directory. Directory names have no extensions, and filenames end in .html, for this example only. The following questions refer to the diagram below.


  3. Create links from Favorite Cookies and Fresh Fruit to the appropriate section of the document using named anchors. Write your links in the code below.

    	<h1>TABLE OF CONTENTS</h1>
    	Favorite Cookies<p>
    	Italian Pasta<p>
    	Fresh Fruit<p>
    	Nutritious Vegetables<p>
    	<li>peanut butter

Installation and IP Directory Management

  1. What does it mean to "install a file"?

  2. If your file is in the home directory, how would you install it into your IP directory?

  3. Is your IP directory publicly readable?

  4. Should you be able to edit your RCS directory?

File Management and Conventions

  1. Directories should be capitalized/not capitalized and filenames should be capitalized/not capitalized. (delete the words in the above sentence which do not apply)

  2. All HTML files must have a ______ extension.

  3. Name some links that should be included in a "footer" on an IP page. One example would be a link to the IP Home Page.

  4. Should you delete obsolete files immediately after they become obsolete? (say you just removed the link from a file)

  5. Should you rename a file in your IP directory?