Chebucto Community Net Training
Introductory Tutorial Exercises


This is the first in the Tutorial Exercise series by Chebucto Community Net Training. It is meant to introduce you to the basics of getting around Chebucto Community Net (CCN) and gives some pointers on how to find out more information using the resources on CCN.

Getting to the Login prompt

There are many ways to access CCN to log in. You may be using a computer which is already connected to the Internet, and use something called "telnet" to log into CCN, or you may be using a computer and modem and dialing in from home. In either case, there are many different kinds of computers, communication software, and modems. Since it would be impossible to give detailed instructions for every possible combination, this tutorial assumes that you have figured out how to get to the Chebucto Community Net login prompt (where it says "login:" and then waits for you to type something). If you haven't got to that stage yet, try getting some help from a technically knowledgeable friend.

Logging in as guest

Module 1: Basic Navigation

Exercise 1a: Using the Arrow Keys

If you look at the screen, you will see some of the phrases in the text are bolded and preceded with a number in square brackets, like this: [1]the basics of using our system. These bolded, numbered phrases are called "links" because they indicate a link to more information.

Exercise 1b: Following Links Using Numbers

You can also follow a link by typing the number which is in square brackets.

The Status Bar

Exercise 1c: The Lynx Menu Bar

Exercise 1d: Paging forward and backward in a long document

Exercise 1e: The Go command

A useful command for getting around Chebucto Community Net is the Go command.

Module 2: Learning to use the Chebucto Community Net Help Desk.

The CCN Help Desk is a valuable source of online help. These exercises will help you discover how to use it. To get to the Help Desk, follow link [1]Help Desk from the Chebucto Community Net Home Page. Take a minute to read the first paragraph. It gives a couple of hints on how to use the Help Desk.

Exercise 2a: About Help

Exercise 2b: Searching the CCN Help Desk

There is another way to find information if you don't know exactly what you're looking for. You can search the CCN Help Desk by specifying word(s) to search for. Try the following exercise:

Exercise 2c: Learning about help menus

Many Help Desk documents have a menu at the end of the document. Try this exercise to learn more about it.

Logging Out

The last thing you should do before leaving is log out.

This will properly close your connection to Chebucto Community Net. If you are dialing up, then this will also hang up your modem.

Following is a list of exercises to try later on.

Further exercises for Module 1

Further exercises for Module 2

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