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Volunteers with Chebucto Community Net (CCN) really come in three varieties. Occasional Volunteers participate by helping out with CCN community demonstrations, by assisting at events like the Internet Show and sometimes even stuffing envelopes. These volunteers should simply subscribe to the volunteers Mailing List

Active Volunteers spend time each week answering email or by being coaches at training sessions. There are on-line editors and Information Provider liaisons. Others create new volunteering activities like an electronic newsletter.

Office Volunteers come to the CCN Office and perform administrative tasks, provide advice to people on the phone and undertake development projects.

If you are interested in being an Active or Office Volunteer, please complete the CCN Volunteers Information Form because there is a job waiting for you!

How the Volunteers Mailing List Works

The CCN volunteers Mailing List is a special mailing list. It requires the use of a password to send electronic mail to the people on the list. And only the Volunteer Coordinators know the password.

You subscribe to the list if you want to be asked to help out CCN when the need arises. When you decide you no longer have time to offer, you unsubscribe from the list.

When the Volunteer Coordinators are asked for people support by the Volunteer Team Leaders or the Event Coordinators, they will send you electronic mail by using the list. They will tell you the tasks, details, contact person, etc. in the email.

Then all you have to do is respond to the email message, providing the information indicated in the message. Your help will be appreciated.

To do it now (logged in user only):

Follow the appropriate link below
Subscribe to the volunteers Mailing List
Unsubscribe to the volunteers Mailing List
Get information about the volunteers Mailing List
To do it later:
Send email to with the message
subscribe ccn-volunteers (to join the list)
unsubscribe ccn-volunteers (to un-join the list)
info ccn-volunteers (to get the current information file)
If you want, you can also complete a Volunteer Information Submission Form to let the Volunteer Coordinators know more about you.
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