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  • This collection of records and stats is compiled and maintained by Bob Adams. It was begun in 1994 to make it easier for fans across the country to find out what is happening in the other conferences. It is not the "official" homepage of the CIS, which is at     If you know of errors or missing information, please contact me directly... Bob Adams <> Please do not contact people at the CIS offices, as they are unable to make any corrections to this material. Much of the up-to-date basketball material comes from the Basketball mail list maintained by Dale Stevens <> of McMaster University, and from the CIS offices in Ottawa, as well as from interested fans who send in scores and corrections from across the country. These pages are provided through the resources of Chebucto Community Net which is based at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
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    This site is now archived
    and will not be updated this season.
    after something like 15 consecutive years
    of data posting. It has been a pleasure..

    Bob Adams Oct 2009