Using IExplorer For technical reasons our pages display much better in MS Internet Explorer, even in older versions, than in Netscape Navigator. (UPDATE: June 03: We now find that Mozilla and the latest Netscape versions also show these pages well. The older versions of Netscape do not work well.)

If you visit our pages regularly, please use MS Internet Explorer so you will be able to see stats, tables and lists all combined in one page (as intended) in floating frames.

Because this is a dual format, those using other browsers will still be able to see all of the material, by using the main menu items at the top of the page. E.g., Scores can be shown in a floating frame, or by clicking on |Scores| in the menu to display a separate Scores page. This is handy if you want to print out just one page, like Standings.

It has long been pending, but we understand Netscape will be finally including floating frames with release of their 5.x version.

Another good feature of IE for viewing stats pages (or any other large-display page) is the F11 Key which toggles screen size. Press it once to see a full-screen display of the web page material. Press it again to once again to bring back all the IE navigation buttons, etc.

Bob Adams