Saturday, December 26, 2009 - Jack's Lake

Is Boxing Day the end of the Gonzo year past or the start of the next one?

Maybe we'll have to have a vote at our next meeting.

What a nice day. We have been so used to rain and wind and tree falls and muddy trails, and wet fire wood. The day was a pleasure.

It was great to meet some new Gonzos as Chris and Betty brought along daughter Kim (memories of corn boils past), her husband Greg, and his brother Gary. Nice to see Mike O'Leary home from Qatar for the holidays.

And aren't Ai Ai and Jing Sue becoming little ladies? Also great little hikers just crashing along the trail. We can think back to a couple years ago when Ai Ai joined us, in Donna's bike trailor, as we pedaled around Maine.

The 20 minute hike into the Jack Lake's fire pit is becoming a Boxing Day institution. Lots of camaraderie and great snacking: chocolate everywhere, scallops sautéed in garlic butter, smoked salmon, and lots of cookies and cheese, and stuff.

A great way to close out the year past. A great way to bring in the year future.

Cheers to all, keep moving, eh!
The Sungod