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Canada Day at the Warnicas

Another Canada Day has gone by and an excellent time was had by close to 50 Gonzos at the Warnica Marina.

* Thanks to Gordon and Nancy for the hospitality of their house AGAIN for the umpteenth time.

* Thanks to Chef Gordon for the 'unlimited' supply of burgers and doggies.

* Thanks to all who brought the goodies, salads, desserts, drinks, etc., etc..

* Thanks to 'whomever' for the good weather---in this time of absolutely miserable fog, rain, mug, etc..

It was neat to see a new generation coming along as I counted at least 8-9 kids around, and one ready to pop……………..good luck Stacey.

What a nice place to spend a most important day, with nice people.

We had the regular games where most of us resembled geniuses as we knock off one trivia question after another to delightfully win one of the many quality prizes. The high quality Frenchy's high tech sale got big bucks this year as some down and Gortex (The North Face) stuff went for double digit dollars. The seller immediately went to Frency's the next day to replenish his stock.

Special trivia game/roast to/of Brucie Murphy, the Dipper, who left us the next morning for his tour of the world. Heading to BC for the next couple months, then onto New Zealand for 1,000 mile walk, coming home sometime in 2010 via various places, nooks, and crannies. To assist him in his travels a 'plain brown envelope’ was presented, aptly named the Borneo Fund.

Good luck Brucie! We look forward to many stories. Stay out of Subways that don't have washrooms and try to control yourself in Walmart record shops. They punish seriously in some of those places.

Walked the dogs with our hostess yesterday and she noted this may have been the best Canada Day yet. I think she is right.

Cheers to all, eh!
The Sungod