Also known as the Gonzo Yearly Planning Meeting, this year's Feeding Frenzy was again held at Nancy Holland's kennel and we are indebted one more time to her generosity.

Anyone missing a pair of pot holders? Nancy still has them.

Good to see old friends Carol and Gary Obritsch, originals from the late 70's, and nice to just have a quiet chance to talk with many friends in the comfort of a nice big fluffy coach, without being in the woods, on the water, riding our bikes, etc.

Did I mention the food? Usually I don't get this far into a write up without mentioning the food everyone, again, outdid themselves. I used to say my favourite outing was a church pot-luck. Not anymore since we started having these Gonzo festivities. Lots of yummies.............cheese plate, crab dip, salmon slices, potato scallop, chicken, sauerkraut & sausages, pie and another pie and another pie, and I think there was also another pie, and the odd beer or other bubbly liquid.

As information, the 2010 calendar is still undergoing some final editing and will be forwarded in the near future with additions per Saturday night and 3 or 4 additions that I have received via emails.

* There is a full moon on December 2nd if anyone is wishing to organize an outing. Just pick a site and send me the details. I'll send your announcement out to the membership via the Sungod List.

* There will be our yearly Boxing Day hike into Jack's Lake on Saturday afternoon, December 26th. Details to follow.

* 2010 is full of opportunities for Gonzo get-togethers. How about organizing an event and inviting the rest of us along to enjoy it with you? You don't have to stick with the same type of events we've done in the past. Put your own brand mark on it.

Click on my name (below) if you want to send me an e-mail containing your additions for the calendar.

Get your snow tires on and pray for snow, eh! It is skiing time!

The Sungod