Sunday, February 7, 2010

Great Supper Bowl AND Great SuperBowl

Hey, it's not that often that the game ever lives up to it's billing. That being said, this was one of the finer games played over the past few years.

And maybe more important, the food was again marvellous, always led by Ross's Chili. This year, it also included: teriyaki chicken livers, scallops wrapped in bacon, jalapeno peppers wrapped in bacon, cheeses, saladie stuff, pepperonis…….and did I mention Chilli?

The SuperBowl party AND Chilli was initiated by Larry Sampson many moon ago, and when he moved away around 14 years ago, Ross selflessly took over the tradition. We thank him again for his hospitality.

Attending this year were Gordon Warnica, Perry Abriel, Grant Walker, Bruce Duffy, Chris Hollebone, Bill Campbell, Keith Taylor, Ross Mitchell, Nancy Duffy, and (missing from photo) Greg MacDonald, Robert Kaufman and Grant Mitchell.

Nancy kept asking me when half time was? I assumed she was anxious to see The WHO. I found out later she remembered I had said we would go home at half time. She did well - THIS IS THE FIRST FOOTBALL GAME SHE HAS EVER WATCHED.

We got home and she went to bed. In the morning she DID NOT ask me who won! She asked me where Gilda, Nancy W., and Nancy H. were, since I told her she wouldn't be alone. Help me out next year girls, eh!

There was a 'mini' Frenchies GEAR sale at halftime and Gordon went home with a 'bright' Saucony biking jacket, Grant bought a classic Pearl Izumi biking jacket, and Keith got Peggie a svelte Addidas biking shirt. Door prizes went to Warnica and Hollebone.

And the Game: Can you believe an ON SIDE kick to start the 2nd half? Outlandish decision. The man should be coach of the year on that alone!

Anyone see Bill Belichick on the side line?

Bruce Duffy

Meanwhile, on the other side of the harbour

Although a bit less populated, another Superbowl assembly convened at the annual Casa di Normie Superbowl Classico. The "by invitation only" evening commenced with an elegant sit-down meal at 6:00pm. The menu included Italiano pasta, accompanied by insalata, pane di aglio, and copious amounts of vino rosso. For dessert, an excellent torta del cioccolato, topped with meringa del’uovo, was served by our gracious host and hostess.

As in previous years, the gathering consisted of Wayne Banks, Roy Logan, Norm & Pauline Stein and yours truly, 5 core members of the Cosy Boys Running Club, some of whom are in this recent photo, with 2 of our staff members, at our club house on Liverpool St.

After ingesting a sufficient quantity of the above-mentioned epicurious delicacies, the male segment retired to the viewing room for the opening moments of the big game.

The first order of business was the setting up of the highly acclaimed Superbowl pool. Five dollars each got you into the serious betting, based upon your best guess of what the total of the final score would be at the end of the game. The closest prediction to the actual final total would result in a winner-take-all situation.

During the game, Pauline, who had been upstairs doing something productive, did make an appearance in the viewing room, curious about the amount of noise emanating from the four supposedly avid football fans, only to discover that not one of us was really paying a lot of attention to the game. Rather, we were engaged in animated banter about everything but football, to which we were humorously likened to being “noisier than a bunch of kids at a sleepover”.

It was getting late, well past any old geezer's normal bed time. Finally the game was over with only one casualty in the room (i.e. dozing off). Time to review the predicted scores and dole out the cash.

New Orleans Saints 31 - Indinapolis Colts 17 gave us a total point count of 48. Wayne had chosen 73; Norm 55; Roy 53 and yours truly 51. Victory (and $20.00) was mine.

So what was the secret to my success? How had I masterfully chosen the correct number?

Easy. Knowing (are caring) absolutely nothing about football, I asked my son, Jon, to give me his best guess. He did me proud.

A fine evening was spent with good friends, a great meal and lots of laughs (plus $20.00 in MY pocket). Many thanks to Norm & Pauline for inviting us into their home again this year. Very much appreciated, and enjoyed.

Jerome Bruhm