White Mountain Hiking Adventure
Friday, May 21 - Monday, May 24, 2010

I have had so much fun, and some have been asking for more, so here goes. I have firmed up plans for a hike down to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

We would leave at 0500 on Friday, May 21st. We would return on Monday the 24th of May. This is our long weekend and not the American long weekend.

I have priced the rental of 2 vans so that would mean we could comfortably take a total of 12 people (6 people in one van). I already have 7 spots (the drivers, myself included) going. That leaves another 5 spots.

We drive (car pool) for 1100-kms to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. With the time change, we would be there in time to pick up fixings for lunch and to have supper. We would stay in Pinestead Farm Lodge on Friday through to Sunday evening, returning home on Monday.

I would be willing to make a supper as there are stoves and fridges in the units. There is up to 3 units, each one with 2 or 3 bedrooms, each room of which has a double bed as well as a single.

On Saturday we would do the Falling Waters, Franconia Ridge and Bridal Path trails, finishing back where we started.
See the following write-up: Falling Waters - Bridal Path
This is probably the most photographed spot on the whole of the Appalachian Trail. Back to the farm for supper and rest for Sunday morning.

Sunday we would do the Arethusa Falls loop.
See the following write-up: Arethusa Falls
This would not be a long hike and, therefore, leave lots of time for shopping in North Conway, the discount shopping centre of New England.

I can guarantee you that this is the best hiking within a day’s drive of Montreal, Boston, New York, or Halifax. This is going up mountains that are a mile high. This is looking down on ski hills and clouds sailing by below you. This is part of the world famous Appalachian Trail and the most scenic piece of the whole 2176 miles.


If we carpool, I am guessing that gas return to Nova Scotia and rental would be about $100 per person.

The farm was, as of a year ago, $20 per night per person (US funds), so 3 nights say $75.

If we do our own cooking for suppers and breakfasts at the farm, it might cost all of $25- $40 per person.

Now you have to do your own lunches and eat going down and returning so total cost per person:
Gas/vehicle: $100.00
Accommodation: $75.00
Meals: $40 + whatever you want for lunches and restaurant food coming and going.

So I guessing that $200.00 to $225.00 would cover it.

We could share the cooking of the supper meals. When I normally do this trip, we leave early Friday and stop for a nice, leisurely breakfast in Salisbury, New Brunswick, cross the border at Calais and have a pee break/gas fill up on the Maine side.
Lunch in Bangor and supper at the farm.

On the return, we have breakfast somewhere in Maine, late lunch in Sussex and maybe a coffee at Sackville, New Brunswick.

I have done this hike 5 or 6 times, and done this road trip 10 or 12 times.

Once we did the Franconia hike as a Friday night hike and returned home on Saturday (when I was much younger and crazier).

I am sending this out to my fall and spring hikers of 2009. It has nothing to do with Bedford Rec and I am not making any money on this.

Clearly we need drivers and your enthusiasm. I now have another person who will drive.

Spouses/partners kids are all welcome. I am thinking of asking my son's foster child (she is 12).

Interested? Give me a call or e-mail me and when I have numbers, I will schedule a meeting and we’ll go from there. I would like to know within a couple of weeks as I would reserve the farm so for sure we have a place to stay. Clearly the prices change if we don’t get full vehicles or if someone bails out at the last moment.

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