Boxing Day Hike 2002       Picasa Photo Album

With 6-8 inches of new snow just down,and roads not so good, would any Gonzos show? Knowing that Tims was the meeting place it was for sure there would be Gonzos out. Out they came, eight in all plus one k-nine. There was Viking with new dog Tess, Norm with no whistle in sight, Rocket Ronnie, Dave & Jacquie, Jerome, Mountain Dancer and Imax.

So with hot drink finished we hit the Jacks Lake trail, six in boots and Dave & Jacquie on new snow shoes. This was the first time on this trail for Dave , Jacquie and Ron and first time in daylight for Jerome who can be forgiven for not knowing which way to go, but for the rest .......

With Gordon, Jerome, Ron and Norm on the trail before the engines stopped, Dave, Jacquie, Ben and Bernie brought up the rear, but in no time caught up to the group who were at a fork trying to decide whether to take the short or long route. The long route was decided seeing this was not the fork to the short route anyway. The trees were snow topped and looking very much winter wonder landish.The wind was strong but buffered somewhat in the woods. After 20 more minutes of hiking we came to the short route which we thought no-one took. With Gordon and Tess behind , the rest of us turned left and headed around the lake (long route).

Ben ,Norm and Ronnie were off in the lead with my warning whistling off the new fallen snow "Ben don't miss the Turn off". Jerome who had only been there in the dark stayed with Imax who claims he knew the way.Bernie, D,J,&J make it to the turn off and it appears the lead group took the correct route, but no Viking in sight , Bernie always the mother hen hikes back 5 minutes looking for Gordon but no sighting. Back again with D,J&J they head down the turn off only to meet the lead group coming back saying "Funny how you can hike this several times and still not sure of the way." (I don't think that's funny I think its "pitiful".) So Imax followed their tracks all the way to where they stopped and turned around not 50 feet from the ice field(cleared Jail lot}. Once we hit the ice field things started to look familiar to some i.e. Ben and Norm. Rocket Ronnie noted there was a Lake on our right, Jack Lake perhaps?

Still no Gordon, but it's over the moon scape and up the road and down the trail where we meet Tess coming across the foot bridge, answering the question about Gordon's whereabouts. We all make it to the fire pit where Gordon sits around a blazing fire, "Wrong" , his reply to where's the fire, "Jerome got the wood" . Well with Ben as lead, a well laid fire bed, and Jerome's floor joists, a one match fire was soon blazing, which highly impressed our newbees from Alberta, D&J. Out came the treats

Gordon(Nancy's) score bars squares, truffles, muffins, chocolates, coffee, hot chocolate, and tea.No mussels which was a big disappointment to Gordon but Rocket Ronnie helped to make up for it with penne in a pot, very good. After the treats Jerome broke out the Sausage with Sauerkraut and pita bread a big hit especially for Dave who's diet is a little lacking in meat products. As for the Newbees treat it seems like we have to wait until we get back to trail head for vegs and dip.

With the foods all gone, coffee all drank, wood all burnt, stories all told we hit the trail for out. Back at parking lot we end the hike with a tail gate party at D&J jeep with fresh vegs and tasty dip, great idea.

Things we learned: Gordon stills takes short cuts(watch him on the AT)
Norm still has his cool hat!
Rocket Ronnie is human, he had to put his hat on going across the ice field.
Dave will eat any type of meat products.
Jacquie thinks "bring snacks" means leave in vehicle.
Jerome's house is missing a few joists.
Ben uses bullrushes as fire starter..
Bernie needs to remember the mussels next year.
You can't boil snow in a styrofoam cup.


Photos by Jacquie