A Gonzo Runner is Born 2002

As they say "it takes a village to raise a child", so it is "it takes a team of friends to raise a Gonzo Runner".

Last Monday I ran my first 6 mile race at record pace, for me. Preparation started last Sept. when a group of fellow Gonzos encouraged me along, as I ran my first 5 K loop along with my daughter Erin, team "Born Ready" runner for the PPP. After the PPP the flame was lit and I started running on a somewhat irregular basis. With dress code tips from Sungod, "you need a good pair of sneakers, only for running", "don't wear long socks, get your self a pair of short running socks" and "Don't wear shorts with a belt" to which I replied "how am I going to carry my Leatherman." This was followed by a hearty Sungod laugh. Then there were the helpful running tips from fellow Gonzo runners, Viking "stand up and you can get more air in your lungs", Dipper "don't start out so fast", Sungod "rest going down hills, not going up."

On runs in the Waverly Park and on the road when the snow got too deep I was accompanied by many appreciated pacers, Nancy W.,Ross, Mark, Dipper, and Viking & Goat faster pacers. Runs out of the house so to speak were accompanied by daughter Erin on several occasions and once with Darren, now son in law.

Well with 250 K under my feet, new Saucony sneaks, short socks, shorts with mesh liner/no belt, and wick moisture away tank top, I was ready to pick my first race.

I fired up the computer and checked out Run Nova Scotia web site to see what was available on a Saturday. Dartmouth Natal day looked great, about a month to prepare. Call to Sungod asking for training help, after the barrage of question "how much time will you give me, what's your goal, morning or evening", I found myself at the Sackville track doing speed work with Duffy on the stop watch. After the run Bruce says " what I'm worried about now is injury" next day can hardly walk, according to Spellchick(Physio wife) I injured a trigger point what ever that is, cure, ice, rest and stretch before and after "now they tell me".

It's August 5, trigger point healed, new shin splint not so bad, fine day. I show up early with physio, trainer and lots of Gonzo runners greeting and wishing me a good run. Goat sets a pace to aspire to, Greg. V, Barb, Ross, Kirsten, Ann, Dipper & Sophie give me targets to chase.

My biggest fear was running the first mile too quick and having to walk the last 5. Well with the kind help of Greg MacDonald that didn't happen, and according to Sungod I ran the perfect race. Greg and I ran the first 5 miles or so mostly side by each, good 9"15sec pace. Greg let me loose on the last mile and I thought I went out too fast, too soon and would Hit the Wall going up Ochterloney, but the training and the pacing paid off and I finished strong, with a Gonzo welcome from "Mark the Mike" at the finish line, with a blistering time of 53"53sec.

Thanks again to my trainer Sun god, Raceday Pacer Greg and fellow Gonzos for a great "First Race".

Hats off to the organizers, support crew and great job on the stats Jerome.