Easter Monday Hike 2002       Picasa Photo Album

The day had broke rainy, windy and cold. This wasn't a day for rain- showers , followed by some nice sun and a light breeze and a nice little fire on the beach to roast weiners. This was a day for rain, all-day rain, in-your-face, down-your-pants, into your private parts rain. We knew this and yet we packed our gear and showed up anyway. It was a planned Gonzo events, and there is no cancellation policy. Or so it has been in the past.

Missing from the early morning crew were some notables, mainly Dutiful Duffy, No Rain Paine and the Fair-Weather Warnicas.

Showing up (April Fool's???) were the Tayor's Head twits:

Twiddle-Dee Twit Wayne
Twiddle-Dum Twit Bruce
Teflon Twit Jerome
Prodigal Twit Mark
Bureaucrat Twit Rosco

There were a lot of gallows humor type jokes made at Timmies and again at the trailhead, and yet again at the lunch stop. It was a day for jokes, yessir! To say we had fun, might be a little white lie. Better to say that it was one hell of a hike. We had a good chance to check out our rain gear. Perhaps next time, Twiddle-Dum Twit will break his newer gear out and stay dry more than a few minutes. Teflon Twit stayed dry all day Lunch was a cold, windy, miserable ha-ha affair. The pictures tell the tale. The wind-up coffee at Timmies was soooo good, as was the bath that followed once I got back home into my humble abode.

Hikes like this make you appreciate all those nice days even more. They also make you appreciate your fellows Twits.

All for one, one for all, the Taylor's Head Twits !!!!

Twiddle-Dum Twit