Katahdin - BaxterPk39 2000

It was a great opportunity to meet you on our respective excursions to Mt. Katahdin and Baxter State Park. I noticed that the Duffy group had signed out at Roaring Brook Campground's Ranger Station at 8:30 this morning.

Tom Higgins and I signed out at 9:45. We then went over to Sandy Stream Pond sans packs and a cow and a bull moose were eating aquatic vegetation and a buck deer was nonchalantly eating leaves near the pathway. Tom and I also saw a marten right in front of the lean-to after seeing you at lean-to #1 last night. Shortly afterward a rabbit hopped through the clearing.

Baxter State Park is a magical place for me and I never tire of it. Two of the reasons I like Davis Pond is its beauty and sense of remoteness. The hike in from Russell Pond goes through a beautiful valley with the trail rising to Cowles Lake and then dropping slightly to Davis Pond. My first experience there was about 40 years ago in early October and there was no one at the Russell Pond campground or at Davis Pond. My two youngest sisters were almost 11 and 13 at the time and they accompanied me on this excursion. We still reminisce about that exhilarating four days in perfect weather in going to Davis Pond and to Wassataquoik Lake another day.

Thanks for the hiking suggestions to Fishing Cove, Franey, North River and Oishquaban Falls. I will look up these places after I respond to the several e-mail messages.

I hope I have entered your e-mail address correctly.

Milt Wright