Biker Chicks 2001

Subject: Bike trip, Acadian Peninsula, July, 2001

Day 1 Truro to Miramichi by train

Thanks to Colette for planning this divine adventure for the five biker chicks, Mary Carol, Nancy , Colette, Judy. We arrived in Miramichi at 7:30 pm having talked, laughed, napped and laughed some more for the 7 hour train trip. The long and arduous downhill trip to the Comfort Inn (3 minutes riding time) was easily accomplished by all, except Carol, who lost her paniers for the first time. We headed across the road for a late dinner at Pizza Delight. Biker Chicks get very hungry. Back in our room, Mary and Nancy took out their tools and compared them as to number, size and function. Mary had the most tools. Nancy had the smallest, all purpose tool, as well as the rubber gloves and the flashing red light. Good night phone call from Ken. Carol slept on the cot.

Day 2 Miramichi to Tracadie- Sheilah 80 km (highway) Sunny 32* Left Miramichi at 8:00, arrived TC at 3:30 ish

Mary got up pretty early and brought coffee from Tim's for all of us. Soon Colette was leading four other caffeine and adrenaline charged chicks down the highway. Carol and Judy couldn't resist a tourist stop at MacDonald's Farm, a lovely Scottish limestone structure overlooking Miramichi Bay. Carol had her picture taken with a goat, the first of many memorable photo ops.

After a necessary ice cream and silicone stop at Pizza Delight, we eased back onto our steeds. Judy's steed had stopped bucking, for the moment. We were still on the shoulder, when an unpleasant and scary clunk lurched us to a stop. Colette was sitting on the gravel beside her fallen bike, insisting that she was fine.Biker chicks are brave. Well, she was fine except for her knee, her left butt, etc. Her bike pedal had fallen off.

Mary and Nancy got out their tools and trustyWD40. Colette administered her own first aid. We were on the road again. Colette's bruises had started to bloom by the time we stopped for lunch. We were five hot and hungry trolls sitting on a log under a bridge, silently and gratefully munching the first of several bagel and peanut butter lunches. A local clam fisherman, also stopping for lunch, treated us to a little local history and showed us how to dig for bar clams. Only 28 km to Tracadie-Sheilagh. Thank-you, Mary, for keeping the glide in our ride with your trusty, little pink tube of silicon. We tried to ignore our STI's and admire the river views, blueberrry fields and locals rocking on their front porches to a country and western beat. Carol's panier's only fell off two more times. Even under construction, the Hotel Thomas was a welcome sight. It was 4:30. Colette's bruises were in full bloom.

It didn't take too long to find our way to the Cafe Bel Air for lobster rolls and a pitcher of beer. Biker chicks get very thirsty. After supper, we strolled the boardwalk, found the start of the N.B. Trail for our morning ride, found the farmers' market where we would have breakfast (yum), found the Pharmasave where we stocked up on pills and creams, found our beds.

Judy slept on the cot in the kitchen.

Day 3

Tracadie - Shippegan - Lemeque (bike lanes) Sunny 28*

2 hrs to Shippegan

2 hrs sightseeing

4 hrs riding time

Exhilarated by the swim in the outdoor pool, showered, and settled in the housekeeping unit, the girls began the preparation of what was to become a seafood delight and the most spectacular meal of the trip - garden fresh salad, white wine, crabs legs, sautéed scallops and shrimp nestled over rice and beside steamed broccoli, red wine, freshly baked bread and chocolate chip cookies with tea. Then began the storytelling - the laughter and the raucous behaviour made the other guests at the bed and breakfast extremely envious as this biking group had discovered the recipe for hilarity.

Highlights of this day included wild blueberries, aromatic flowers, peat moss harvesting along the trail, and kids jumping off the bridge. Judy slept in the cot.

Day 4

Lemeque - Caraquet Sunny 33*

1.5 hr ride

2 hr ride against a strong headwind to Acadia Village return

Experienced cyclists are eager to learn new technical biking skills and these girls were no exception. After a scenic trail ride highlighting northern NB landscape, they came to a busy highway with a three-way stop. Nancy gave a full falling off bike demonstration showing us how to twist our handle bars parallel to the frame, while the tires remained motionless as she gracefully fell to the side and then jumped up laughing unhurt. All were impressed and agreed that they would like to learn how to do the same. Only Collette had ever tried it before and it was difficult to determine who did the best. Judy was not to be outdone so she overinflated her tire until it blew up and then gave a 2 hr demonstration on tube replacement with Mary's help and tools.

The liquor store was open on Sunday, but the grocery stores were not. The girls, by oversight did not arrive back in time from the Acadian village to patronize the liquor store and would have been disappointed had they not found a Pizza Delight with a panoramic ocean view.

Other highlights included search for the wrench and Mary's dinner fell on the floor inth restaurant. Judy slept with Collette the firsthalf of the night and Nancy the last half.

Day 5

Caraquet - Bathurst Sunny 33+*

Headwind the first half of the day

5 hours 70km

If day 3 was to be remembered as the meal of the trip, day 5 was the most scenic day of the ride. Secondary highway hugging the coastline with the sea breeze in our faces and silicone on our tails. Stopped at a fishing wharf early in the day, and although the ice cream stand was closed, the view from the rocks where we stood looking out to where the horizon meets the ocean more than compensated. Cycled hard to Stonehaven, in the midday heat and discovered the take-out beside a stone mill turned fishing wharf. Clams, scallops and all you can eat chips in the " snack size" was the featured lunch and all partook. In the interest of health, the girls threw out the French fries. The cook there was also the local historian and they discovered that the most prominent home in town with 4 massive stone chimneys was called the Read home - owned by Mr. Read who went on to establish the Marshlands Inn is Sackville, NB. After cycling in the torrid heat, the girls reached a reprieve - Salmon Beach- where they stripped off ( their bike helmets) and went for a swim before turning inland for the last stretch of the trip, the hilly ride to Bathurst. The cycling was over.

Other noteworthy items - packing the bike for Via Rail, overpriced Greek salad and wine sipping in the hotel room until all fell asleep.

Day 6

Train ride home - unanimous consensus the trip was a success and great appreciation to Collete for organizing and leading it.

Chick Trip Dictionary

Bike seat - labia tournique
STI - soft tissue injury. Symphosis pubis anterior bone may not be found in men
Isichial tuberosity - bum bone
NTA - no testosterone allowed
BB - bucking bronco (Judy's bike)
RR - road rash
"Put the glide in your ride" - silicone multipurpose cream
Silicone Valley - where the silicone is applied " down there"
Strain in your crane/ neck thing - crink in your nexk
Spiffy tool - green machine
WD 40" did a lot for us"- kept our clusters clicking