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The Geezer Mile was run tonight as part of the Eileen Meagher International Invitational Track Meet at the SMU track. This event, thought up by the Geezer himself a number of years ago, features road racers over 50 years old on the track--giving their best mile.

The Gonzos always are a fair percentage of the runners in this event and this year was no different as 6 of the 15 runners were Gonzos.

Not caring who won the race, or who came 2nd etc., for that matter, the interesting, and highlight of the race, was Nick Slaunwhite holding off a charging Wayne Banks as top Gonzos.

Other Gonzo racers were Ron Kaszor, Marsha Tinkham, Bryan Darrell, and Mountain Man Chris Hollebone.

In the stands, cheering and jeering, were the Gonzo vultures Bruce Murphy, Kirsten Mitchell, Greg MacDonald, Bruce Duffy, Mary Lou LeClair, Gord Warnica, Bernie LevyJerome Bruhm, and Ross Mitchell. Nancy Holland and Mark Steindiligently worked the finish line, keeping track of the speed demons, ensuring accurate times.

All runners showed their toughness, moving their aging bodies much faster than they do in regular day training--all finishing under an 8:00 minute pace--Great job and thanks for the entertainment.

Oh yeah, the rest of the evening was filled with Nova Scotia's top track stars competing against a number of Canada's top runners and a number of athletes from the old USA--if you want to read about them try th papers tommorow, the Geezers were the real show.