Old Town - Annual Sale 2002

Viking/Goat in their XXX white water racer and Sungod/Zac in Zac's new Appalacian paddled down the six miles of white water in the Kenduskeag (water low) checking out conditions for next weeks race. Thanks to Fireball for his help in moving vehicles down to finish. We were changed and on the road by 2:00pm (USA) and home at the Marina in Fall River at 10:00pm (Can)

For those looking for a kayak note the last part of Gregor's story.



Subject: Old Town Daze

Yet another successful trip, to Old Town for kayaks and canoes. Thank you for your organizational skills, and your ability to spot a bargain Bruce.

On this year's trip, I was joined by two friends of mine from Baddeck. Harold Angus Oakley, and Bruce MacRae. Bruce made the trek last year and bought a River Runner. This year he's got a Nantucket. Moving on up, as George Jefferson, used to say.

"Most" of our beer consumption was saved for Thursday night in Brewer, where we stayed at the Twin Cities Motor Inn. Recommended by Bruce (I never met a hovel I didn't love) Duffy I might add. This place cost the three of us $66 in Canadian funds. The owner was on the desk and was a bit amazed we didn't stay at the University Motor Inn in Old Town. (He sold it last year.) Our room was clean, but the words rustic, and bad need of maintenance, were mentioned. There were all types of inexpensive restaurants in the vicinity, and a liquor store. These are my two basic requirements when travelling.

I was amazed that we beat the "Halifax Gonzo's" to the line up at the gate on Friday morning. (we were there at 4:20) I thought something must have slowed the boys down. Maybe they got stopped at the border because the Red Dress pictures had been circulated?

About 15 minutes before the gates opened, they stumble up to the entrance. Bruce Duffy, Gordon Warnica, Greg Vail, Malcolm Pain, and the new guy Zac Crouse. Bruce MacRae and myself had scouted around the compound on the previous day, so I had a better idea than most where to look for the ones I wanted. Within 10 minutes of the opening of the gates, I had what I wanted. Everyone else got what they wanted, which made for a very successful morning. Dragging our boats to the front of the compound, to put them with the rest of the Gonzo's was the most work we had to do all day. We piled all of the boats on top of one another. Gordon had a shopping list for 5 boats, Greg Vail had 2, Zac had 1, and I had 3. A total of 11 boats heading back to Nova Scotia.

It was only when we got the boats in one spot did we actually have time to do some chit chatting. I'll have to say my day was made to see the look of excitement and satisfaction on Zack's face with his canoe. He was glowing he was so happy. He told me, "I waited a long time to be able to come to Old Town and be able to buy my own canoe. It was one of my dreams." I felt really pleased to see a young man take so much pride in reaching his objective. I'll have to admit, when I was his age my dreams involved large chested ladies, showers and soap. I guess I led a different lifestyle back then.

You'll have to remember, it's still 5:45 when we have all our stuff. We still have to get a requisition made out and go to a cashier. Neither of these activities start until 7:00 AM. After 7, I think it was Gordon, who enticed a lady to go through our stuff and give us a requisition. We were through cash, loaded and on our way, before 9:00 AM. Thank God I purchased two new straps for the roof racks. Once we threw the three kayaks on the roof of the Maxima, they didn't move until I took them off the roof in Halifax. I was back in Halifax at 6:15, which included a restaurant stop, border stop, gas stop, and a Truro stop, so Hal and Bruce could get Bruce's truck and head for Baddeck.

I did take a moment to show Jerome my "yellow" kayak, but he wasn't as envious as I thought he might be...darn. That was one of my objectives, but it looks like I fell short on that one.

I still haven't decided if I'll keep my Nantucket or keep the Millennium 160, but I've got a few weeks to decide that. In the spirit of free enterprise I'm selling my Castine and either the Nantucket or the Millennium if anyone is interested.

Greg MacDonald