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A great big thank you for all your efforts in the 2002 edition of the CTRR. The results have been posted (Check the discussion forum on the CTRR web site and look for Jeff Warnica's comments) and it looks like we've finished 61st out of 65. Can't say it's our best placement over the years, but everyone finished what they started, and no one got hurt. We all had exercise, fun, a bunch of laughs, and that's the main thing. I realize there are some mistakes in the results. (Ron's and possibly one more.)

I found lapel pins, and programs, in the Captain's Bag, that was packed with Gatorade. If you give me your regular mailing address, I'll send them out to you.

It seems that Bill Campbell miss-spoke. We should have picked the best water stop over all, not just the 5 K mark. The consensus was the guys with the masks at the 10 K stop. I've already spoken to Bill about this an he will update the web site with the correct information and a heartfelt apology to the Hounds.

I'll send you the pictures as soon as I get them developed. My digital battery died, so I missed some pictures. Next year I'll be smart enough to charge it up, the night before. When you get pictures developed please send them to me for my scrapbook. Next year I hope to bring a Cabot Trail anthology of pictures.

My cell phone was found where I left it. The front seat of my Maxima. (It slid down in the corner where you loose all your lose change.

Sorry for getting a bit snarkey at our checkpoint on Leg 8. In my experience, Morrison's Restaurant in Cape North, is the worst restaurant in Victoria County. I've never dealt with them during the Cabot Trail Relay. My observations have been done during the regular tourist season. I felt personally wounded that any of "My Teammates" would even darken the door. I never told you the difference so why would you know any different. I thought you guys were going to have food during Leg 6 in Neil's Harbour, and I guess, except for price, you got our relatively unscathed. Count yourself lucky. My final straw happened last year, so I wrote to the tourist association and copied whomever I could to explain what terrible operators they are. Some day I'll explain chapter and verse. You buy the beer.

Speaking about beer, at the Beer Garden, I bought a fist full of beer tickets when we first went in, and gave them out to as many team members as I could find. I ran out, and didn't go back for more. "Lord I apologize, for all the pygmies..."

As in previous years I like to individualize my comments so here goes:

Leg 2 - The Lovely Ann was not caught between a rock and hard place, she was caught in the "privy" when her leg started. She quickly made up for it, but the breakneck pace to get her back in the pack, cost her dearly the last 7K. Except for the brown streak left behind her, she did very well.

Leg 3 - Ron Kaszor did another splendid job. He's just like Old Man River, he just keeps rolling along. The finish line crew did however mess up his time. He finished in the 30's with a much faster time that the results show.

Leg 4 - This leg was the longest run of Gary Dunbrack's life. I did not know this before I asked him to do the leg. Like the rest of the Fine Family of Dunbrack Athletes, he came through in flying colours. The last 5 K was a killer. Now he wants to do a marathon, and try Smokey again next year. Gary was amazed to see people in their 60's and 70's doing the race. maybe that will be him one day!

Leg 5 - As a captain, you're concerned that people show up when they are supposed to show up. I never had any concerns with Pat Dunlop. Although this is the first time she ran with us, she's a pro. I knew if there was one runner I shouldn't be concerned about it was her, and I was right. Good job all the way. I still think I have a hiking stick you were supposed to give away. Stop by at the house, and I'll give it to you.

Leg 6 - This is the first year in many years both Bruce and myself didn't do any hill or speed training for the race. For me it was hell, for Bruce Murphy, just another day at the office. The headwind was the worst in years, but he still managed to beat a 65 year old man (George Poyhier - one of the fastest, if not the fastest, Golden Master Runners in the province) to the finish line. Bruce was quite pleased to know he passed George plus 4 others on the 3K climb to Cabot High. He wasn't so pleased with himself when we saw George running the next leg. He did have some bad words to say to George. Thank goodness George wears a hearing aid.

Leg 7 - Colleen Fidgen, when not making snappy comments, ran like a deer in heat. Or is that a dear in heat? She kept chasing those hard bodies, and I don't want to know if she caught one. She probably wouldn't know what to do with them anyway.

Leg 8 - Just how fast could Nick Slaunwhite run if he didn't have to stand around for 12 hours before his leg? You talk about getting some rest? I think he just wanted to piss Ron up by playing with his finishing time. Nick is a great kidder and a pretty good runner to boot.

Leg 9 - I knew Yukon's Peter Menzies was in for a big shock. He thought he saw some steep hills the last time he was in the Cape. He didn't hit the Highlands. Now he knows what to expect, and you'll never see him run there again. He'll drive, but I'll bet he won't run. You lost your virginity, I hope it didn't hurt too much. Keep in touch after you go back to the Yukon in a week or so.

Leg 10 - Robert Proctor (Doctor Proctor) wants to do the tough one's while he still can. Well they don't get much tougher than MacKenzie (Peter might disagree but he hasn't run it yet.) It's one hell of an effort for a placemat. "Tanks, bye, I enji'ed dat."

Leg 11 - Dedicated to the unknown runner (&*%$%***) that didn't show up.....I hope she reads this and feels a bit bad.

Leg 12 - New guy, Mike O'Leary was in for an unusual experience, the least of which was running his leg. I figured if he survived the day with Don, he would be in perfect shape to get away from him, and run his ass off. He did, and he did.

Leg 13 - What can be said about Don MacNeil, a man who runs to the woods to do his "thing', and still puts on a great show. I'd hate like hell to see the people that were running behind you, before and after your session in the woods. Too bad about your t-shirt. Maybe we can find it if we just look for dead animals and foliage.

Leg 14 - Eric Lee (U.S. of A - NATO BOY) ( Harrier name - One Pack) Eric is just too dam loud and outspoken for his own good. Don MacNeil kept saying he couldn't get a word in edgeways with Eric around. Sorry, that was not Eric I was talking about. I don't know what came over me.

Leg 15 - Hal Montgomery can now add distance runner to his sporting resume. Along with hockey, golf and acting as sidelines. Hal finished in the highest placing for a Replica. Although not the fastest pace per KM he seemed to be enjoying his run better than most. He did have the best line for the weekend. When I asked him how he was feeling (at the 11-12 K Mark) he casually said, "My hammies are starting to tighten up, but I'm still clicking them off." Spoken like a true veteran. Welcome aboard. If I'm not mistaken, this was Hal's first real race.

Leg 16 - Kathy MacDonald seemed so relaxed while she was running it was disgusting. She even stopped during her leg, to take off some clothing. Not all, just some. Just another run in the park for her. If you're out in Tantallon, stop in and have a bite at Jac Tanaha's. She's the Queen of Jac's.

Leg 17 - I know it's hard to believe, but Mary-Lou MacDonald's legs move faster than her jaws, or that's what I think happened for the Glory Leg. She looked relaxed, and "well appointed" throughout the race. A very positive way to end this years race.

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