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Here's a great thank you for this year's rendition of the Race. It's really hard to believe we won the award for the most Congenial team. Thank God no one had a mike inside the vans to hear the catty comments coming from a "few" of our select group.

As a team we ran almost 6 minutes faster than last year. We finished in 43rd spot out of 57. A most commendable effort. I have some Cape Breton Island tourist pins for some of you. I forgot they were in my jacket and they arrived compliments of Ron Kaszor. I'll keep them till next year. If you want to stop in and pick one up and have a brew, you'll get them before next year.

The Lovely Ann ran her usual stellar race, finishing with a flourish in 31st spot. Picking off a bunch in the last 3K I might add. Maybe if we hadn't engaged in marathon Sex (39 seconds) the night before, she might have finished in 30th.

Ron Kaszor was the dude with the umbrella hat who trains on the hills of Montreal, while living in Sackville. The only person I know that does it. He's also on the finish line crew directing traffic or whatever has to be done. Congrats Ronnie!

The Teacher (Robert Proctor) ran Smokey and looked like he was out for his Sunday run. Not a problem. Cool as a cuke, he was. I find it somewhat distressing that a person can look that composed after the effort. Must have been drugs. I want some.

New person Careena Hughes ran 5 and finished in 19th spot just one position from the highest Replica finisher. Careena's tasty comments were not gone unnoticed by the "Acid Tongued Duo". So much so, she was readily adopted and added her 10 cents worth to the running commentary spewing from our vans.

Newer person Ray Latulippe, from Toronto, was indirectly recruited by Minto and Mary Lou. After their initial recruitment of Dave he got cold feet (maybe he heard some of our comments?) but after a follow up talk with Kathy MacDonald he had a change of heart. In fact a friend of his, Ray, wanted to go for a run. Ray finished in 18th spot and averaged around the same speed as Bruce Murphy. What a perfect replacement. Thanks for the job girls. It was rumored Ray didn't need the traditional 'maintenance' provided by some of the members of our team. There was talk that another member of the team might be called on to 'step up' but it didn't happen. Thank God.

Minto "I'm Just a Wallflower and will never say anything to anybody" Stewart put in another great performance in leg 7. Being the social butterfly she has a hard time just passing people. She has to get their family history before she drops them. She must be part Caper is my guess.

Nick Slaunwhite did leg 8 for the umpteenth time. On his feet all day and he still runs like a deer. Perry must be proud of him. Perry is his Grandfather you know.

New guy Shawn Smale (Environmental Engineer - emphasis on MENTAL) ran North Mountain leg 9. Shawn was a Cabot Trail Virgin and the poor lad spent most of the weekend swimming with the sharks. Shawn, our team is not normal and I wouldn't judge other teams with what you were exposed to. Check into the local hospital for a few days, no noise, no talking no nothing and then you'll be back to normal. For next year might I suggest ear plugs. Just smile and nod your head when the sharks come calling.

Mary Lou did MacKenzie or was it some guy named MacKenzie. Maybe it was both. Leg 10 will never seem the same. Effort is ML's middle name and if she could talk her way up the mountain she'd be able to break the record for that leg in a wink.

New lady Cheryl Dollard, did leg 11. Down all the way. I know her legs will be sore for the next few days because of all that pounding. This is not the same reason ML will use. I hope Cheryl wasn't spooked by the bawdy talk and their bite is definitely worse than their bark. Great run Cheryl, hope you're back next year.

Ed Verge put down his stopwatch and bottle of rum just long enough to do leg 12. Ed is like the Eveready bunny. Just point him in the right direction. Ed is also one of Perry's sons.

The wary old veteran of our team, Richard Jordan, put in 2 or 3 hours of training these past few months and defeated the wily fox of the Greyhounds. (Warnica) Richard is Gordie's long lost son. Leg 13 will never be the same again.

David Smith 'put the boots' to leg 14. Thank goodness there wasn't a strong wind or Dave would end up in leg 17. He actually looks like a runner. Isn't that a bit disgusting? More beer and pizza for the man. Need more volume around that waist in case of strong winds.

Kathy MacDonald did a 'smart' leg 15. The reason I say smart is, she injured herself in Whistler BC the week before the race. She went to physio to see if it would cure her. To her credit, she realized that she could not finish the leg. Because she exercised sound judgement, she'll be back running in a week or so. Thanks Kathy and lets kick some leg 15 ass next year.

Just because his kid (Andrew) is trying to make the 2000 Canadian Olympic team in the 800 Meters, the old man had to give it a go. Well Gary you're not going to Sydney, Australia, Sydney Nova Scotia maybe. Gary's pace was one of the faster paces for our team. Leg 16 is just too easy for this guy, lets get him to try Smokey!

The Jeff 'Glory Leg' Hovell smoked the last leg this year. Now I know he's no Keith Abriel but... Jeff seemed to enjoy himself too much. Maybe he'll want to try it again next year till he gets it right.

Perry 'oh I can't drink like I used to' Abriel put in another polished performance this year. Yes, he was polishing off this one and that one. Never at a loss for words, Perry takes everything in stride. He took the pie in stride and the beer in stride. Like I said he takes everything in stride.

I'll have team pictures for everyone in a week. If you want one, give me your mailing address or I'll put them on the Gonzo homepage.

I'll be sending out bills for our rooms at the Duck Cove Inn to those appropriate people. Also for van rental and gas for both vans. Expect a note next week. I promise I'll cash the cheques this year.

Maybe next year I'll be a bit more clear in my communication regarding logistics. When in doubt, ask.

We need a theme for 2001. How about a Space Odyssey?

Thanks again. It was a blast.

Gregor - Kink of the Replicas