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Faith, a good coach (Gordie Warnica), and a four trips to the track paid off in spades for me at the Geezers Mile (Must be at least 50 to compete) last night at the Eileen Meagher Track Classic at St. Mary's. As some of you might know, my bride, The Lovely Ann, thought she could beat this overweight, aging bag of bones, in a mile race. Granted, her Mabou 10 K, and Cabot Trail Relay times, were about 20 seconds a mile faster than my pace. But, was I really running as hard as I could during these races? Based on last night's results, I think not.

Gordie had taken Jerome and yours truly under his wing for some Warnica Wizardry (known in the business as the WW Effect). Although JCB was not as diligent in his training as he should have been, the WW Effect proved it's worth last night with both the students hitting their training numbers. Success. Two for two Gordie. Good coaching, thanks.

Ann on the other hand, through those wily ways of womanhood, tried to sap my strength by nefarious means, thus ensuring her planned victory. She even held me down and forced copious beverages down my virginal throat on Saturday night, in another plot to win the day. In true Prince Valiant style, I took what was delivered and persevered.

The complete experience was a very positive one. I'd like to thank, Bob Brake for sponsoring the event and allowing all of us (40 people?) to participate. There weren't any losers last night only winners. Even the vanquished Ann was singing high praises of the race. The young kids doing the 100's, 400's, 800's were in awe of the number of 50 plus year old runners we had on the track for the event.

The fact that we are still lucky enough to run a mile at a reasonable rate of speed is an amazing fact. Hopefully, I can recover in time to beat Ann next year. She did promise to get in some track work before the event next year, so I might be in trouble. But for now I'm basking in the knowledge that she had to look at my big ass as I crossed the finish line.