The Race 2000

One on one

They accepted the challenge, of a one mile run,

The rest of delighted, to have a bit of fun.

Warming up the warriors, looked a bit uneasy,

While the spectators standing looking on, getting a bit queasy.

Geezer started them on the track and soon the pair took off,

Bets were made, comments passed and a few of us did scoff.

They headed for the first left turn, amicably chatting while they ran,

While the crowd around screamed, "that's no way to treat a loyal fan."

Barking off their times as the laps rolled by, what were we all missing,

Out on the track a Love In was, and I think there was some kissing.

Disappointment shudders ran through the crowd, no one looked to please her,

As time went by some one did shout, "they're almost as slow as Geezer!"

But the final lap was yet to run, there was still hope for confrontation,

While the guys on the track we're running like they had constipation.

Less than 90 seconds of time to go, all hell was breaking loose,

Normie sped to quite a lead, caused by Gordon's goose.

The final turn was by them now and Norm was striding strong,

If you think he won the race, I'm afraid that you'd be wrong.

For on this day when two friends met, over a sport they do call running,

Youth and guts were no match for Gordie's guile and cunning.

Captain Morgan MacDonald