Paddle to the EggRoll 2002

And where was everybody else on Saturday morning? Yes it is that time of year again.-Paddle to the egg roll.It was a great day -Sunny, no wind, warm, just a great day to put in at Sackville River Hatchery Park and a nice easy 55 minute trip along the west side of the Basin to Chinatown. Of course they aren't quite geared up for their paddlers yet- the place doesn't open until 11:00 am but we weren't daunted. What would you do with ten minutes to kill and Malcom with you? "Oh let's see there's a Irving"- so over the hill for a coffee , back to Chinatown for the obligatory eggroll. Sit in the sun, eat ,drink, think of the next year ( and Ross's blow torch) back in the canoe and a leisurely trip back on the east side of the basin. For strength afterwards we stopped in the Timmies at Shell at Sunnyside only to see a truck pull in with two kayaks on the roof. Some guy (Scott Cunningham) trying to out do the Gonzos. Fat chance.Anyways it is a new season.See you on the water.


I was in Lockeport, looking at the ocean. Found a great place, cabins on the beach, for a multi-day bike, paddle, hike trip. (SG)

I did the Bisset Road hike in Cole Harbour (Dipper)