A Great Weekend 2002

So it all started out with a short ride ( Ride #2 of the year) to Mickie Dees in Elmsdale. Well after the breakfast, which is about half the price of the Big Stop, we turned right to heard for a short ride to Claudia's cottage the back out to Enfield. I am not sure if it was the "short" detour to Claudia's or the wind in my face on the last 3 or 4 miles but the Timmies in Fall River was w elcome sight. And after only 63 Kms. A short note- If this is your first bike ride and you have not been running or paddling to the same extent as some of the other Gonzos, then just maybe it is not a good idea to lead for the first 5 k. You will die and get an even less attractive nickname. Now let's see what is half of half? How about .25

Well it was always my intent to try and get a paddle in on Saturday as my Canoeing partner was promised to get his better half on Sunday. A short call to Malcom and he was over to my place. We got Nancy to drop us off at Banook for the short paddle back to the marina. We left a quiet Banook at 4:30 on Saturday afternoon and you know the first one and a half hours weren't bad, but then the wind came up in our face and it started to snow - only 2 hours and 37 minutes after we started, we pulled into the marina for a great supper of Chicken and potatoes and veggies. Of course Sunday morning wouldn't be Sunday morning without the obligatory run. Yes Nancy and Mark and Heather and Gordon set out at 8:20 Atlantic Daylight Savings Time to do our Gold Rush Loop run. To my surprise, I actually made it to Timmies 4 minutes faster than any other time this year.

And To Nancy's surprise, she PBed by 2 minutes all the way back to the Irving. Oh where was Ross? Well it seems that government life is finally getting to him. After only 30 years his brain is turning to mush, and he forgot about the time change. Ooooh not to worry Ross, this time next year, we go to bed when the sun sets and get up when it rises. None of this new found 2000 year old technology like telling time, 24 hour days, daylight savings time and all that. Man it sure is nice to get back to "work" and rest up for next weekend.


PS I did have a 3 hour "nap" on Sunday afternoon to try and get back some of my senses