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I'm selling Halifax and Viking left the Fall River Marina at 1:00 on Saturday to enjoy one of our favourites. An overnighter to Lahave. We stopped at Sobey's to get some fruit and a small Steak (and onion and mushrooms) for me as "Halifax" already had his. Then the obligatory Timmies stop and we were off.

We stopped to see my little brother at Fort Point on the Lahave, and then to the drop off point. Wow was it windy so instead of putting in into the 5' breakers we just went around the corner to the Gov't Wharf. Piece of cake. Took off the kayaks and laid them out on the ramp Loaded them with all our gear. Put on our skirts, (we are getting better at that but still it takes three hands somehow) and we were off. The water in the little cove was very sheltered and hardly a ripple. We slowly paddled up the inside into the cove of Lahave Island. The tide was LOW as low as it has ever been in any of my previous 4 trips there.Sometimes it was like paddling across the commons after a rain storm.

"Oh by the way Mark did you get the Sobey's bag out of the back seat?" "No, didn't you?"

Thick thick grass holding on to your boat as you try and pull it through. Over to our right it appears that there is a deeper channel. We dig deep to get across the 6" of water and all the eel grass. but we finally get there. Clear sailing for a bit. At last, we can go no farther. I step out and down. At least one foot down into black slimy mud. Now try and pull your kayak when all the happens is your feet go farther down into the muck. Well, we took off our Tevas, and made it to shore. It usually takes about an hour and this was no different.

Perhaps a shorter trip but tougher paddling with a bit of a head wind and the grass pulling us. We pulled the kayaks way way up to high land. Finally we empty the kayaks and make our way to the camp site over the dune. It is really blowing. Over the edge and along to the site. As we start beach combing, to look for fire wood we head slowly to the wooded area at the end that we have never explored. Wow there is a car seat set up and a nice fire pit of rocks and lots of stone benches. right at the edge of the woods and a path.......

We follow the path into the woods and there is a site or should I say a group of sites that would hold 4 or 5 tents,a clothes line a bunch of coat hooks a fire pit, a nice wooden bench, and a couple of boards set up as a cooking table. All - just out of the wind and very protected. We went back to our old semi-protected spot with all the fine sand and retrieved our gear. after setting up and going back to the kayak to get my thermo-rest. Not hard to forget stuffed way up in the bow like that.

We cooked supper. I had one of my Uncle Ben's Rice dinners and mark ahead his small steak onions garlic all cut up so we cooked it all and mixed it together. Man fit for a king. We even debated not putting up the tent but we finally figured it was a necessity with the mosquitoes and all..

Gee, we lasted until almost 9:00 before settling in for the night. We actually slept in till 0700. It was nice. Up for breakfast to see that the fog had rolled in big time.

The usual boooooorrrriing breakfast of instant oatmeal (some people actually eat this paste at home when they could have anything?) spiced up with Craisins. It actually makes it almost palatable. There is nothing quite so nice really as the cup of coffee while sitting around slowing waking and packing up your gear. Back to the kayaks. Still low tide, I might mention, as high came and went while we were sleeping.

Into the kayaks and off. Even better at getting our skirts on. We decide to slide down the inside east side of the island, then slip outside the next little bunch. It is really quite nice , 8:00 in the morning a mist/fog that keeps us close to land. The seals cavorting in the shallow water. Always keeping land to our left and the sun on our right, we know we are generally heading in the right direction. At about 45 minutes We slowly slip into heading west, then south as we go up the inside(?) of the island. After about 30 minutes we spot a couple of great camping sites. Sand beaches and shelters and propane Bar B Qs.

We think we are inside our protected little cove so we decide that we we strike off due west for ten minutes to get to the other more familiar side. We know we are out into the fog but we know where we are. After about 7 minutes we haven't lost sight behind us but we see land ahead. After a short 45 minute paddle. Distances are misleading on the water we near shore. I say to Mark that this looks a lot like Petite Riviere. We pull up to some people taking pictures and ask, " You couldn't tell us where we are, could you?" "Petite Riviere"

Oooooh a little off So we head back along shore Of course by now the fog has lifted and all is very clear to us. We pull in to Risser's Beach Now we haven't mentioned that there is a little wave action here. It is rather exciting pulling in to Risser's as I sit back and watch Mark do very well then swing sideways (not a good thing) then pull it out and go straight in. I follow and ride in on a crest like I actually have done this before. That is something that we must work on. Getting in and out when there are breakers.We clamber out and walk down to the canteen and have an order of fries and a cheeseburger.

We decide that maybe the waves are a little big and Mark decides to get his run in and jogs back for the car. Of course I decide to get the kayaks a little closer to the where the car is actually going to be.

So on with the skirt, this is getting ever easier, and into the surf. Now the secret is to stay directly into the surf and with the rudder and quick little strokes I get it.I get out a bit heading in the general direction of the pull out spot. I turn quickly so as to get the waves behind me not on the side and head back in. Wow it must be a bit like surfing.You really get a nice ride in. Then one comes over the rear and starts to swing me sideways- lean into it, with the skirt there is no chance of taking on water, and straighten out. The last one pushes me right on to shore. That was kind of fun.

Back for Mark's kayak. I tie his paddle on to the rear deck and put his life jacket and skirt into the area where my feet are going to go. On with the skirt even easier still. Could it be Practice? Slowly I crab walk on my knuckles into the water until the first retreating wave leaves enough water to get going. Hard into the next one as I don't want to get pushed back. Then the one that breaks over your bow. These sea kayaks are really built for this. Out a bit, turn left, then swing into shore. Now it is a little harder to turn quick as I can't reach the rudder with all the crud stuffed down by my feet but I get it around. Now the ride in. Again I get slightly turned with the waves and it is much tougher getting straightened out as I can't use the rudder but I finally get it done. I make it in and get all the stuff unloaded from both Kayaks and Mark is there already. On to the roof and off we go. It was a great weekend.

We learned a couple of new skills, found a couple of really great campsites, learned a lesson -(Bring a map) although I am not sure if it would have helped. And had a great weekend