Remembrance Day at Keji 2005       Picasa Photo Album

Wow what a day

When Mum and Dad get me up early I never know what to expect. Mum made me pee before getting in the cat so that meant that it was going to be a long car trip. Whether it was going to be 2 hours or 20 hours I had no idea but it is always so much fun going on a trip. Up at 0500 and on the road by 0530 - It's going to be a long day. We stopped at Timmies in Tantallon but they only got themselves bagels and coffee and no tim bits for me. It was 0745 when we pulled onto the parking lot at what I later found to Big Dam Parking lot.

Oh so exciting, cause they said Lewis, the Licker was going to be there. Oooooh no Lewis but even better - Max, Barbies new dog was there.

Oh there were a few people there too. Sun God, Dipper, and G I Joe were already there having slept out the night before. Barbie and Greg had already set their tent up for tonight. Keith and Peggy (Oh we have to get them trail names - Maybe Keith could be 6-4 just so we all know how tall he really is).

It wasn't much after 8 that we started our hike. It was so much fun chasing and being chased by Max. I really don't know what is wrong with these people they are so slow and laid back. Man - we are in the woods lets run and have some fun.

We stopped at Site #3 and also at the ranger cabin and Dad kept throwing a stick for Max and he just kept chasing it. Of to be a young dog instead of 3 and half years old. Finally we got to Frozen Ocean Lake and they paused for a moment of silence and pinned their poppies on a tree. We then tried to cross the boardwalk but the water was too deep . What's the problem? Don't you just walk through it? Wet feet big deal. We stopped for lunch or at least the people had lunch and Max and I just chased each other around and around and around.

We had a nice fire, which warmed up the sookies, but we dogs didn't care one way or the other.

Then it was a nice walk back to the campsite and cars.

It turned out that 6-4 and Peggy were going to be interviewed to maybe just maybe be able to adopt a Golden. Ooooh Boy another puppy to play with.

It was a beautiful day temps just above freezing. The two Bruces and GI Joe and Motorhome and Fireball were going to stay there overnight while 6-4 and Peggy were paddling on to Site 8 on Frozen Ocean Lake. We had a nice drive home. Dad slept while Mum drove. They both crawled into bed at 8 at night and didn't move until 7:50 the next morning. They must have been tired, but not me. I was ready and raring the morning but they didn't seem to have the same steam as before the hike.