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Trevor Wins, Gordon and Allan Paddle to Bronze and the Rest Get Wet

Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race News + Updates

The Nova Scotia contingent on the Start Line for the 41st Kenduskeag Steam Race was reduced to four boats this year. Riverbanks were swollen and racing times were fast however, with Trevor missing the long-standing course record by only a couple of minutes.

As usual, Bernie wanted to do a practice run the day before the event and arrived early Friday afternoon. He planned to race in the Century Class with Steve this year, so they reconnoitered the river between Six Mile Falls and the final portage. Their paddle went without incident and gave them the needed confidence to pick up the race pace the next morning. Bernie’s daughter Erin and her husband, Darren arrived too late on Friday to check out the conditions.

Gordon and Allan checked out the river on Friday too, although they swamped twice going over some of the many spots of fast water. Apparently it was cold water too, as each of them complained about how difficult it was to just catch their breath when they fell in.

OK, it might be expected that Bernie would be able to paddle the river without dumping and it was a foregone conclusion that Gordon and Allan would tip, but the surprise came when Trevor tipped at one of the rapids during his practice run. He is still being teased about falling in!

Race day brought the usual 300+ boats to the Start Line, under bright sun and warm temperatures… the opposite of last year’s damp and cool weather. All went smoothly for those who tipped on Friday… Trevor won his category and was second overall. Allan and Gordon were third in the Century Class, having made the trip without capsizing. Like Trevor, Allan and Gordon combined two portages into one long one, actually avoiding the extreme water in the “Shopping Cart” and “Thunder Hole”.

And for those who had ‘cased’ river the day before, Bernie and Steve not only lost their balance, but their boat went on for several kilometers without them as well, adding a few extra hours onto their total time, just to find the battered craft and get back in it. Erin and Darren had a harrowing trip down river, as well. They tipped too but arrived at the Finish Line well in advance of Bernie and Steve.

It was a wild ride on the Kenduskeag this year, but all the Nova Scotians were smiling.

Allan B