Sea Kayaking Adventure 2000

What a weekend?

Up early on Sat to do grass mowing,weeding ,moving rocks, gardening etc. then clean the dirt from under the fingernails and off to one of the nicest weddings I have been to. The Sun God's lovely daughter off to wedded bliss.

Up early Sun Morning to see if Helga can garner any more hardware.This time at the Lunenburg Heritage 5 K,a really great liitle ( well not so little) race that had more than 200 runners again this year. Nancy -Second place in the +50 years old More metals. She didn't even hurt and yet was only a couple of seconds from her Searle 5 k time and that one HURT.

Then the "piece de resistance" - a sea kayak adventure with "Painless" Malcom Pain.We went out to Crescent Beach and launched our Kayaks and paddled for an hour out to the Lahave Islands. Landed our boats and pulled them way up the grass and walked the beach for about an hour. I am sure we were the first ones there this year and did some beach combing but found nothing.Had lunch then an hour back to the car - saw the Lake Thomas monster in its' ocean version as a curious seal rose in the water just a couple of feet away. As we headed into shore there were about 6 ducks with about 30 little ducklings in my path.

As I went through them the parents flew (ran?) a little ahead and most of the liitle ducklings tried to dive.One little guy could get his head under the water but with his legs going like crazy couldn't get submerged. I lifted him with my hand unto my spash guard and he sat up there like a king surveying his court.I then let him go back to his friends and again he put his head down and paddled like crazy but couldn't get under the water.Almost the opposite of me, he couldn't get under the water and I sink like a stone.

An awesome trip where we saw no one but nature at its best- beautiful rocks and beaches and just the calls of the waterfowl, the crash of the waves on shore and a breeze that kept bugs away.

The Viking