Montreal 2002

A Gonzo start 0400. But it does get you into Montreal at 5:00 Montreal time.

Coffee at Fall River Timmies. Breakfast at "the worlds biggest Big Stop. Coffee at Grand Falls where we met a very nice policeman, who directed us to the nearest Timmies. Lunch at Montmagny Mickey Dees. Montreal 5:00 right on schedule. Bruce checks with the local gas attendent to find inexpensive accomodation, and he sends us to the local Econo Lodge. $80 per night three ways Pretty good deal for Montreal. Off to the Big Owe Les Expos vs. the Marlins. A pretty good game - lots of homers. extra innings. Les Expos win it in the bottom of the 10th.

Next stop- Bar B Barn Ooooh ribs and chicken. One of the highlights of our trips to Montreal. A little bit of time finding a parking spot, and ........ It's closed - closes at 11:00 PM. Ah well Next choice - Ben's Smoked Meat. Man its as good as we imagined. Back to our room and to bed Not bad we have only been up for 23 hours. Up the next morning at 0800. Now back down town to a spot on Milton that Ross remembers from visiting Grant when he was a student at McGill. We actually find it quite easily, But alas they are closed for their summer vacation. No big deal we find a nice spot not too far awayand indilge in a great breakfast.

Downtown, and while Bruce finds information on hiking stores Ross and I do the Indigo Book store thingie. After a cup of Java at the Second Cup and doing a bit of watching on Rue Ste. Catherine from our stool, we are off to check out prices and choices and actually run our hands over the latest hiking stuff which we can't afford but can at least touch. After 4 or 5 stores spread out all over the Island, it is about 3:00 and time for Bar B Bar. It is now open. Worth the wait. It is expensive, but a nice difference. To the ballpark, this time we are across the street from the Big Owe (street parking no charge) even closer than last night. We are there in time for most of the expos as well as the Marlin batting practice and Bruce got one of the batting practice flies, only fending off about 20 little 8 to 10 year olds. This game wasn't nearly as good as the previous one as Montreal was in a 5-0 hole by the time they got to bat in the bottom of ther first. Ah well all is not lost. Theprevious night was guaranteed win night so we can get tickets for any week night game and Saturday is $5 per person and $1 per hot dog. Now $3.75 for a coke is a might steep but $4.75 for a coke and a hot dog isn't bad.

After the game we headed back to our room only to find that YES our room has HBO with a fight on between some guy Ruiz and some other guy called Johnson. Not a bad fight although Johnson was disqualified for punching a little low. Now lets see What time do we want to back home. Say 7:00. Okay that means that we ahve to leave at 5:00 NS time or make that 0400 Montreal time. Soo @ 0400 we are on the way. Not much exciting- change drivers often and keep moving. We did drive through the world's longest covered bridge. And arrive home at 6:45. a good trip and a fun weekend. We did plan our upcoming 100 mile hike to the nth degree but that is much of the fun.