Enforcement Challenge 2000

Short report on the canoeing exploits of Popeye and the Viking--. Yes we are faster than Tim Horton's best customers. We trashed the queen's cowboys ( who claim to be members of the world's largest street gang), local police, Lands and Forest guys and of course the EMT techies.

It was an easy win except for the fact that we almost swamped going across Pictou Harbour with a three foot swell and then from the other side a three foot wave caused by our motor boat that held the timers. Once Popeye put his paddle back in the water and we regained our balance, it really wasn't much worse than Lake Thomas in February.

9 Miles in 70 minutes, some sort of course record. A real nice Grohmann boating Knife for first place. Not bad for a couple of real old geezers