Paddle/Hike/Run 2000

I don't sun bathe any more so the weather has little effect if any on me. This past weekend was a good example. CANOEING at minus 15 degrees heck why not? just because the lake is frozen over doesn't make much of a problem. We just put the canoes on top of Malcom Goats car and went to Enfield. Schubenacadie River here we come.

Little riffle at the start and some class 1-2 fast water and there we were a mile or two downstream. Turn and back up we go. OOoh, a little tougher and now we have to UP the small drops, after a couple of near misses, we were through.

Maybe next time we will go downstream a little farther, and avoid the faster water. So it was a little cold and my fingers got wet. Isn't that how we learn? Night hike- What did Scrounger say "too cold" Christ don't you just put on an extra layer? Dipper,Sun God, Malcom Goat,Frosty's Dad and the Viking all met at Timmies at 7:30 and we were off.

The trail across from Paper Mill Park in Waverley is an old dog walking trail that I used to run on 20 years ago. A bit of snow but well sheltered from the wind. We walked till we were near the end, found a couple of bigger rocks and set up a fire. Dipper had cedar shingles and a bit wood ( we missed our little buddy Dudley Doo Right with his logs) but we did get a nice blaze going and had the obligatory hot dogs roasted over an open fire and some tea and coffee (Dipper had his beer) and sweets then back out.

I am sure Frosty went about four times the distance that his two-legged buddies went but he was flying. It wasn't cold, it was refreshing.

Sunday morning run

- 0800 Sun Morning there we were- the intrepid trio - out first again. Two brisk laps around the Waverley Sports Park, a really nice little 5 k loop wihout many people a few hills but just enough to give a change of pace. Aaah then coffee at the Irving in Waverley a nice way to start a Sunday followed by NFL and an afternoon of leisure.