Skull Rock 2003       Picasa Photo Album

Well for all you sookies who thought it might be wet (might that be Dawn?), it wasn't. Joe, Bev, Norm, Gordon, Harold, and Ron set out at 9:15 for Musquodoboit Harbour. I learned on my AT hike this summer to, like the Nike ad, "Just Do It" It really was alright. There weren't even many trees down. There was more beaver damage than Juan damage. What is it about being above things that make it so exciting?.

The views from both Skull Rock and Gibraltar Rock were great and the storm damage clearly visible from Skull. It had swept up the valley below us and, almost like a clear-cut, taken all the trees with it. In descending from Gibraltar, we did have to climb around/over/through some trees, but by and large, they had been cut out by someone else and weren't too bad at all. The highlight might haave been the short side trip on the way back to the Sunflower Cafe for Cinnamon rolls and coffee. No cinnamon rolls but some other German sweet bread did the job.

All in all another great RROA adventure. Can't wait till next week.