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** Reprinted from Run Nova Scotia's Newsletter, The Raconteur

The Induction
Nancy Holland, Halifax

On Friday, October 24, the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame held its 2003 induction ceremony. This year saw a Ricky Anderson, Jim Beckman, Barry Shakespeare, Malcolm Davis, Graham MacIntyre, the 1963 St. FX football team, Clyde Roy, Leo Fahey, Hugh Townsend, and a fella from Mahone Bay, Jerome Bruhm.

About 70 RNS members and past members attended the ceremony at the World Trade and Convention Centre in downtown Halifax. Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin came all the way from Yarmouth to see her old friend inducted. I'm reasonably sure the smile didn't leave her face all evening. Jerome's sons, Adrian and Jon, hair slicked back and wearing trousers that fit, accompanied their mother, Gail, to the celebration. A veritable who's who of RNS was there: Steve Morley, Bruce Duffy, Norm Stein, Bill Roblee, Chris Hollebone, Darlene Loke, Wayne Banks, Brent MacDonald, Bob Brake, Ray Williams, Gavin Timberlake…the list goes on.

Jerome's display in the reception area was clearly the most interesting; more people could be found there leafing through all of Jerome's-and his dad, Frederick's-press clippings (neatly bound and meticulously labelled, of course).

Jerome was the second last person inducted. Bruce Rainnie, the MC, read his notes well, but…but…the write up just couldn't do Jerome justice. Videotaped comments from three people who have known Jerome for a long time-Gordon Warnica, Mark Stein, and Greg MacDonald-might have actually given the non-runners in the audience an idea of just how important Jerome is to Run Nova Scotia. Of course, what they said had to be sanitized for the general public!

Jerome comes from a family of runners. His dad earned a reputation as one of the best during his all too short life. Jerome took to the sport as well, spending much of his second youth-starting in his early 30s-running races all over the place. In 1983 Jerome and a few like-minded fellows took road racing out of the overworked hands of the person in charge of track and field at Sport Nova Scotia. And a legend was born.

Over the ensuing 20 years Jerome coaxed road running to stretch its legs from one end of the province to the other, both from the hot seat as the executive director of Athletics Nova Scotia and not. From 9 events in 1983 to 19 in 2003 and from 35 members to 500 at our highest point (though there have been over 3000 people on the membership lists over the years), Jerome has run, cheered, organized, driven, hectored, announced, thanked, laughed, badgered, nagged, joked, pushed, soothed, commiserated, and worn out several tuxedos to make sure this sport does well and that Run Nova Scotia continues to thrive.

Jerome's induction into the NS Sport Hall of Fame is one of the ways the province recognizes his valuable contribution to Nova Scotia and to running. The members of RNS think that is a fitting tribute for a man who has done so much for us. Thanks, Jerome, for everything.