Rum Runners Relay 2000

Fall River Village Rum Runners Relay

Saturday, September 30, 2000

by Jerome Bruhm

I think someone up there likes us. The Fall River Village Rum Runners Relay was blessed with gorgeous weather again this year. We've done 16 of these to date and our streak of luck has been amazing.

In 1985, when we held our inaugural relay, we ended up with a cold drizzle of rain during the latter stages. That year it was held in November, and we ran it from Lunenburg to Halifax. The following year he reversed the direction (for safety reasons) and advanced it to the last week-end in September (for hypothermic reasons). We had a few drops of rain in Hubbards about 12 years ago, and a 10 minute downpour in Mahone Bay last year. Other than that we've been blessed with sunny skies all the way.

The sunny weather sure helps. But, there is another element that turns this event into a well oiled machine each year. It's called teamwork. There is no one person who can be credited with the overall success of this event. Rather, it is the combination of dedicated, and proficient, volunteers who come together to make it all happen. Each person knows what to do, and they do it.

This year, our course marshal crew consistd of Bruce Duffy, Gordon Warnica, Bruce Murphy, Chris Hollebone, Ross Mitchell, Mark Stein, Ron Kaszor, Grant Walker and Merrill Boudreau. At the finish line we had James Balcom, Nick Slaunwhite, Perry Abriel, Jim Abriel, Ed Verge, Sherry Carson, Greg MacDonald, Ann MacDonald, David Cao and Angela White. The results crew consisted of George Whalen , Elaine Whalen, Jeff Warnica and Robert Proctor. Bill and Laura Roblee took care of the reception facility and the provisioning of results packages. Our St. John Ambulance volunteer was Ken Balfountain. Louise Ongo, unable to attend the event itself due to a prior commitment, did her part prior to the event, handling the finances and the T-shirt packaging.

Adrian Bruhm was on hand to raise money for Team Nova Scotia's trip to the Canadian 10K Championships in Montreal on October 15 through his Timex watch raffles. He netted $500.00. Brian Kane, assisted by Adrian, took in another $350.00 in ticket sales on a painting by Smartex Tambala, also in aid of Team Nova Scotia.

And, lets not forget Robert Kaufman and Larry Sampson. Although both now live out of province, they certainly deserve a lot of credit for being there to help us as we developed the event over the years.

A big "Thank You" to all.

Arguably, this was our best year yet. I certainly felt that way, and I've heard similar comments from participating team members. While it would be difficult to nail down exactly why it seemed to be a notch above other years, it may have had something to do with the use of technology. Since 54 of the 60 teams have access to the internet, we were able to keep the team captain's well informed during the weeks leading up to the event.

We had our 60 team quota by the end of June. The team packages were out by the end of July. During August and September we kept in touch with the team captains via e-mail communiques, passing along important pieces of information. I think it made a big difference.

We asked for all team waivers to be submitted to us prior to the day of the event to cut down on the rush of administration that always takes place at the start of Leg #1. Miraculously, as of Friday night we had 59 team waivers in our possession (the 60th waiver sheet got caught up in the world of uncooperative fax machines, but was hand delivered Saturday morning with apologies). What a difference that made.

We had stressed the rules and regulations in our e-mail communiques, and asked all team captains to share the information with there team mates and support crews. There were no penalties issued during the event. Coincidence?

It seemed that everyone was pulling in the same direction this year. For that, we owe a great debt of thanks to our participating runners, and their support people. It resulted in an enjoyable experience for everyone, including the event volunteers.

Paul and Lynn Pettipas have been with us, as our headline sponsors (first Heritage Cedar Homes, then Fall River Village), since day one. Each year they attend the awards presentations, and each year they tells us they'll be back again next year. For that we owe them our sincere thanks. Just like us, they are in it for the long haul.

Our sub-sponsors include MTT, Nova Scotia Power, Johnny Nick's Hiking Sticks, Aerobics First, Royal Flush and Sugarloaf Spring Rain Water. Again, we say thank you.

With 60 teams of up to 10 runners each, plus support crews, we had over 600 smiling faces this year, leaving us with a warm feeling of satisfaction. Here's what some of them had to say:

"On behalf of the All-Madden team, thanks for all your work in making the rum runners successful and fun again this year. The committee did an excellent job, and I would agree with you that it was one of the best."

Ray Williams, All-Madden

"Being 1st time participants in the event we were extremely impressed with the organization, planning and running of this race.

Chris Paley, The Young and the Ageless

"Great race as usual, thanks a lot."

Wendy MacGregor, Mum Runners

"Just a sincere thank you for your incredible performance in putting on and hosting the relay race. It is really a great happening!!!!

John Jenkins, Mixed Bag of Bluenosers

"You did a great job this past Saturday at Rum Runners. Please send my thanks on to the rest of the Rum Runners Organization Committee"

Dwayne Scallion-Pond, Novalis Nooners

"Thanks for a great run last week-end. It was my first rum run (God willing of many to come)."

Ian MacKinnon, Sons and Daughters of Judas Hoyle

"Thanks again for a well organized run."

David MacLennan, Gerry and the Atrics

"Thanks for the good information flow, and again, congratulations on a well organized, enjoyable race. My quads have finally forgiven me."

Andrew Kendall, Boondock Harriers

"It is obvious that a ton of work goes into to this event and I'm not sure why you guys do it but I'm awfully glad you do."

Marc Lejeune, The Tallywackers

"Thank you and the rest of your flock for the great event."

Brian Lane, Classic Rummies

"I thought you guys did an amazing job! My teammate and I found that whole event just tremendous, and the weather cooperated so well."

Sandy McKenna, Pink Panthers

"Just a quick note of thanks for all the hard work that you and the organizing committee did (and have been doing) for this excellent event. Without a doubt it is my favourite event of the year.

Eric Helson, The Skeleton Crew

And now for the overall results. See you all next year.

Fall River Village Rum Runners Relay

Halifax to Lunenburg

Saturday, September 30, 2000

1. Coureurs de l'Acadie, Benoit NB, 6:50:04

2. Old Boomers, HRM, 6:55:12

3. Return of the Turtle, HRM, 7:07:16

4. Runners Attic, Yarmouth, 7:36:18

5. HAGGard Hillhoppers, HRM, 7:40:50

6. Classic Rummies, HRM, 7:43:43

7. Chris' Crusty Crotchety Crustacean Crawlers, Lunenburg, 7:49:13

8. Achilles Heel Runners, HRM, 7:49:15

9. Dental Demons, HRM, 7:53:51

10. Grayhounds, Grosse Coques, 7:54:19

11. Antigonish Road Runners, Antigonish, 8:02:29

12. Boondock Harriers, Fall River, 8:13:07

13. Road Kill Resurrected, HRM, 8:18:06

14. Reaching Out Runners, HRM, 8:19:14

15. All Madden Team, HRM, 8:21:47

16. Ocean Blue Masters, Yarmouth, 8:22:49

17. The Young and The Ageless, Lantz, 8:22:52

18. Border Bounders - Still Running, New Brunswick, 8:32:20

19. Frequent Runners, HRM, 8:35:19

20. Roadside Attractions, St. Peters, 8:37:55

21. oznoG srennuR, HRM, 8:38:57

22. The Skeleton Crew, HRM, 8:39:55

23. Tallywackers, Bathurst NB, 8:41:29

24. Sons and Daughters of Judas Hoyle, Bridgetown, 8:42:06

25. Sally's Original Road Kills, HRM, 8:42:35

26. Fast Company #1, HRM, 8:42:47

27. Great Canadian Honking Goose, HRM, 8:42:57

28. Docs on the Run, Halifax, 8:43:14

29. NS Power Livewires, HRM, 8:46:51

30. Mixed Bag of Bluenosers, Lunenburg, 8:47:39

31. Corporal Punishment, Aylesford, 8:48:16

32. Hines Catch-Up, HRM, 8:49:07

33. Dalhousie Do-not-resuscitates, HRM, 8:53:10

34. Mum Runners, HRM, 8:53:56

35. BIO Fish & Ships, HRM, 8:57:46

36. McRunners, HRM, 8:58:05

37. Killer Watts, HRM, 8:59:55

38. Brazen Bureaucrats, HRM, 9:03:51

39. Novalis Nooners, HRM, 9:04:11

40. Fast Company #2, HRM, 9:06:36

41. Gerry & the Atrics, Crescent Beach, 9:11:46

42. Bill Roblee's Love Children, Lunenburg, 9:15:57

43. Chedabucto Crawlers, Guysborough, 9:16:04

44. Eastbridge Bulldogs, HRM, 9:18:12

45. Half Fast Runners, HRM, 9:19:04

46. Paddles Up - Banook, HRM, 9:23:12

47. Team Sable SMSS, HRM, 9:25:21

48. Mental Health Mind Readers, HRM, 9:29:45

49. Neal & Grunt & Company, HRM, 9:31.15

50. Big Cove YMCA Camp Runners, HRM, 9:31:57

51. Cheers for Beers, Smelt Brook, 9:33:42

52. Serious Yahoos and Others, HRM, 9:37:05

53. Herman's Hermits, HRM, 9:47:16

54. The Procrastinators, Dieppe NB, 9:52:18

55. Sackville Striding Slugs, Lower Sackville, 9:57:46

56. Yarmouth Fun Runners, Yarmouth, 9:58:41

57. Pink Panthers, Halifax, 10:16:24

58. Elder Statespersons, HRM, 10:16:32

59. No Train, Big Pain, Shortt's Lake, 10:26:28

60. The Back Harbour Broads, Lunenburg, 10:52:23