Summer Solstice on Grand Lake 2002

The weather for the weekend was looking iffy, so we waited until the last minute before settling on the date for our sunset-moonrise paddle at Grand Lake. We weren't disappointed. The lake was calm, the breeze was light and the sky was that amazing color somewhere between blue, pink and gold. Eleven of us (9 humans plus Molly and Frosty) set out in canoes and kayaks to soak up the magic of the summer solstice. We paddled along the Sunnylea shore, meandering around the little islands there. All you could hear was the occasional plop of paddles, the call of loons and the voices of friends chatting across the water.( oh yes and the swatting and swearing at blackflies, but I'm spoiling the mood!)

We crossed the lake to "The Islands" at the end of Kings Road just as the sun was setting, a dazzling pink ball in a soft blue sky. It was a beauty of a sunset. The moon lit our way back home to the Hunts and a lone bald eagle flew low, giving us the once-over. It was 10:00 when we got back and the night was still perfect. Gord had our fire blazing in no time and Peggy uncorked the wine, a perfect compliment to the hotdogs, marshmallows and friends.It was almost 12:00 when everybody said good-night. It was a perfect start to the summer.