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The pack was Poolside, Anne of Green Labels, Jabber the Hut, One Pack, the hasher formerly known as Bruce Murphy, Bend Over (ex of Kuwait now returning to NS) and Slapper (who is still in Kuwait and visiting our shores on a mission of lust).

They joined hares Deep Throat adn Three Skin at the always fashionable New Portland Landing, the aforementioned pair already being half snoggered having an hour and a half to kill before hash time.

The route was a short tour of the sleazier part of downtown Dartmouth, quickly doubling back to the Ferry Terminal for a 20 minute wait and close up study by the patrons. Across the harbour and arriving in the midst of the final day of Buskerfest! At one point we had a crowd so distracted the poor busker was calling for them to pay attention to him.

We covered the waterfront, then covered the Spring Garden road scene including an Arts and Crafts festival where we received polite but sincere applause.

On Spring Garden we encountered for the first of four times, the Harbour Hopper. That poor tour guide, he lost it everytime he saw us.

A hold at the Lieutenant Governors mansion on Barrington so those cutely uniformed guards could see enough for their Saturday night wet dream then on to the beer check.

Reflections, the gay bar was to be the check but they didn't open until 4 and we were a bit too early. So the Midtown did nicely, except we drove away a potential customer who, upon entering, saw a table full of red dresses, mostly worn by men. Bruce, as he was then, told him "You're in the wrong bar mister" at which point he turned on his heels. Fortunately the manager was a good sport at losing business.

Along Barrington, over the old bridge, and back to the Landing where appropriate down downs were given and Bruce was named......Hot Wax. I'll let him explain to you why he was so named.

Slapper kindly gave us a shirt from the Q8 hash and one from InterGulf hash. We've got to get an Orificial shirt so we can reciprocate...more on that in a later note. He also kindly took those three digital photos which were forwarded.

The pack eventually straggled out leaving Deep Throat and Three Skin to complete their snoggering.

Halifax, Dartmouth, the Buskerfest and the Harbour Hopper will never be the same.

I'd tried to con the newspaper into a "Race Result" but they baulked because of the hash names rather than real ones and I declined to use other than hash names.

Next Hash:

Saturday September 16 Balance of details to be announced.

On ON!

Three Skin