Malcolm Goes to Disney 2002       Picasa Photo Album

My adventure to the land of Mickey and Minnie started on a low note as the plane from Newfoundland came in late(seems they were looking for bombs in shoes) which put me an hour late for my connection to Orlando. As a trained Gonzo I went into my 12 hour hibernation mode with a good book.My arrival at the Hertz rent-a-car at 2AM provided me with aTonka toy look-a-like a KIA sportage The next three days were spent at my brothers place (free room ) where l answered the usual question " do you think you can make it'? and comments such as " you are quite old to be running you could get hurt.

The temperature in Florida was in the mid 80s over New years but started to cool down to overnight 40s the week before the race, just right for the hounds Osama Bin Laden's influence was everywhere even my rental car had an Amercan flag. Disney allowed no backpacks and even runners bags had to be clear plastic It was not the place to make gonzo bomb jokes. As l picked up my race pack l had to prove l was me with a photo ID maybe the Taliban are runners?

Sunday morning came early with a three AM wakeup but being a crafty gonzo l slept in my running gear all l had to do was pin on my number, however Mickey had not put pins in my package PANICCCCCC . My support staff (my big brother) managed to get four sewing kits from the bewildered Cuban lady and l was on my way to my 5am ckeckin for a 6AM start The EPCOT parking lot had risen to a balmy 55 degrees so l took off my jacket to expose Gonzo on my singlet ( which was bequeathed to me by VIKING for this international event) A visiting brit wanted to buy gonzo to take him home but l resisted the temptation and vikings wrath.

Mickey started the full marathon with fireworks and Donald did the same for the half. The running was perfect and l held an 8 minute pace till twenty mile mark not difficult on this pool table flat course. The major hill was an over pass (much discussed among the floridians) There were many bands and disney characters along the course to keep you interested

At mile 21 l got a loud cheer for Gonzo so l stopped to carrioki with the band . At mile 23 my right hamstring began to question the wisdom of the run and we had a serious discussion about future training and stretching

At mile 24 the heavens opened up in a downpour this was more like a gonzo finish as l cruised past the finish line stands l resisted the temptation to moon them and settled for a high five with Minnie The Mickey medal which weighs a pound and is as big as my chest was exchanged for my shoe chip and already l was making up excuses for my time which l will keep to myself.

For all those who are considering a fun marathon this is it and a great way to start the new year.