Good Friday Bike 2001

Twas a great day for a Gonzo event - rainy, thunder, cold (the usual....) 4 brave soles met at Timmies in Fall River at 8:00a.m. to do the traditional cycle to the Irving Big Stop in Enfield for brekkie. (Doesn't every Gonzo event include food?)

Geezer, Dipper, 1K to Go and myself were the only ones to trek this day and after we had our ceremonial coffee at Tim's we set out for our adventure. least we thought we were ready to go, when Geezer pipes up to us 3 guys, on our steeds revving our engines, in a panic looking for his helmet.

You guessed it, it was on his head. It was going to be an interesting time!

Off we went with Dipper & 1K to Go leading the way and Geezer & I following. This was my first Gonzo bike ride, so I was not as peppy as the old farts (whoops, I meant not as peppy as the other "experienced" cyclists).

The trip out to the Big Stop and back, was pretty uneventful though the weather was somewhat challenging and me thinks the shivering 1K to Go was showing, at our post-cycle Timmies, was the beginning of his cold this week. Gesundt heit!

We enjoyed a large breakfast at the big stop with most everyone starring at these 4 wet guys in tights. (Why look? We're normal, right?) Geezer provided the biggest laugh of the day with his helmet missing, and somehow he came out of the day with a new trail-name that I'm sworn to secrecy not to divulge. All I'll say is it 'taint complimentary.

I'll let your minds wander...

Thanks guys - great trip & let's have fun this weekend in Maine!

"I'm Selling Halifax!"