Keji Hike 2000

Today, Friday the 13th, with a full moon staring at us we pulled out of Chez Warnica's at a tradtional 5:00a.m. Gonzo start, Dipper, Viking & Sungod (hereinafter referred to as the water boys) in a stuffed full "I RUN" licensed Viking vehicle shortly followed by Malcolm "Goat" Pain and your's truly "I'm Selling Halifax" (hereinafter referred to as the landlubbers) in the true Gonzo fashion, drove a total of 1.1kms and stopped for a Timmies!!! Then we took of for what turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous outdoor gonzo day!

As Malcolm & I followed behind Viking's car, with a kayak & canoe on its roof, we were in awe of the full moon - all of a sudden, as we both turned off to the Highway 103 exit #5 at Tantallon, Malcolm & I saw something fall off of Viking's car!! Could it be that one of the gonzos tossed a Timmies cup? No, No, impossible! A hub cap, perhaps? No. At about 100 kms per hour Viking's car lost the kayak paddle off the roof & swoosh it landed in the brush next to my car! Both cars stopped as soon as we could....Dipper & I ran back (I, with trusty flashlight in hand) and couldn't believe our eyes!

Viking calmly suggested Malcolm & I put the paddle in the back of my Outback as "you guys have room for that, there". Got to love it - pitch black except for the glorious full moon and paddles flying across.

Off we went to our destination - Kedgie - with no other travel excitement - and we checked in to the Ranger's office. By eight o'clock we (the land lubbers) separated from the 'water boys' and went off for what turned out to be a splendid 26 kilometer, 6 hour hike through some exceptionally beautiful territory on an exceptional October day (sunny and 17 degrees!). Besides capturing a pheasant (on film) we didn't see any other wildlife (other than the water boys) all day. Although, at one point a large hawk appeared to be circling above Malcolm & I - making us wonder how tired we actually looked!

Very easy terrain, as compared to New Hampshire - but not exactly Point Pleasant Park either! We had one stream to cross, which of course was just that much too far to jump over and about knee deep. After some thought & consultation, Malcolm & I carried a large (about 7 foot long) log over to the water's edge - kersplash it went - and via tippy toes we scrambled across, much to the chagrin of several people in canoes who paddled their way through moments later!

A wonderful full day of great friends, great hiking in ideal weather - who could ask for more? Except, perhaps another day?

Mark "I'm Selling Halifax" Stein