FairWeather Friends 2001

Subject: Fairweather Friends Bike Ride

Well, it turns out that the few Fairweather Friends exist! 3 harty souls (note souls not soles as in I'm selling Halifax's description of last weeks Sat ride - - he wrote 4 soles but I believe he must of meant 8 soles ie 4 people) I digress.

It was a foggy morning but Helga, Stawker and MS. Huntclub (aka Judy) set out at the most reasonable hour of 9:30 am. We waited around for other FF's but alas the weather was not "fair". Norm was a gentleman and loaned one of his two sets of gloves to Ms Huntclub keeping his own pinkies warm behind his bag.....that is handlebar sheltered the wind... At the Big Stop we shared again - one order of pancakes between the three friends with 2 extra orders of bacon. The ride was uneventful but fun.

Next week Norm hopes to bike from somewhere in the Valley to Greenwood so if you are interested in joining in, give him a call. He carries extra gloves should you need them. Would love to see Chris and Betty, Ron and Claudia, Wayne, Jerome etc etc...where are you guys anyway???

Nancy Warnica