Gordon Turns 60 in 2005       Picasa Photo Album

Gordon was surprised by 30 odd friends who descended upon his house on Saturday, Sept 17th, singing "Happy Birthday" at his front door. They had come, through a lousy rainstorm, to remind the old fart that he had officially entered into the Golden Age, having turned 60 on that very day!

Entertainment was supplied by the lounge duo Rosemary Loonie and Ethel Boubon (just in from Vegas)who sang songs from the 50's, 60's and 70's and introduced some original music which lyrics highlighted some of the outstanding attributes we all love and admire in Gord, a most distinct individual! They had lots of material to work with!

This enjoyable act, was followed by a harilious, skit by the CSI Odd Couple Team, Barbie and Greg. In this shadow act play, they dissected, proded, poked and scrutinized the body and parts of a deceased person, who in the final analysis, was deemed to be an old runner - gales of laughter erutped from the audience through the lounge act and the CSI probe! I can honestly say that we were all pleasantly entertained! Whatever happened to that most noteworthy lenght of pepperoni?

Then came the cards and various creative gifts! It was amazing that not one card was duplicated - what a feat. We truly are an amazing bunch. The gifts were assorted aids and comments on this new stage of life that the birthday boy has noteably embraced. Presents ranged from a hairband with lovely attached orange braids (it goes so well with his newest outfit), a "hip", yes, real "hip" made of metal, steel, crome, plastic that the birthday boy can admire, twist, turn, pet and play with, a wonderful framed photo of his Hayes River Adventure, to a cane sporting an extra set of false teeth, a horn - gotta warn those slow moving seniors - and other necessary attachments any well presented old timer needs. A warm thanks for all the great cards and artifacts which Gord knows will aid him with his future adventures down the senior road. (note: darn - no one gave him a hearing aid)

As always, the sport of embarrassing and harassing the birthday boy was followed by cake, coffee and tea, which were wolfed down in typical hound fashion. Alas, it was now approaching the magical hour of 11pm when all the good little senior puppies felt the need to relieve themselves and go home to their kennels.

Thanks everyone! You were great to come out on such a horrible night. Gord was truly surprised and so glad to see you all. This was a fun evening. Almost makes turning 60 look like something I'd like to do! But not yet....

Nancy - younger wife of the old fart!