On the Sea 2001

Three hardy souls, with kayaks tied down
Set out Sunday, with sunshine abound.
Off to a beach, to paddle on the sea
GPS Jeff, Gord, Malcolm and me.

Where were the others,
Our group was sparse.
Was the challenge of sea, to them,
Just a farce?

We pushed off Crescent Beach
Near La Have to be precise.
The water was grey and cold,
Just like sleet and ice.

Tossing us around,
I could hear myself scream!
"I don't want to be here"
Don't leave me - you are mean!"

At last, sheltered from the wind
Land on our left and on our right -
The scenery was lovely
Yes 'twas a charming sight!

Jackets came off, calm filled the air
And the nastiness was through.
We spied birds, inlets, saw flora
And a hairy backed Viking too!

At a beach we ate our sandwiches
and such
Did a little combing,
But didn't find much!

I asked about the waves
How to travel through the dips
Malcolm, the sailor man
Spoke of loose hips!

"Keep 'um loose" he proclaimed
That will save your soul
Watch me in the boat, as I do a
little roll.

"Practice rocking" he advised
And give a little jiggle
"Keep 'um loose" and he gave us
A little wiggle!

Time to turn back -
And now it's all work.
The wind is in our faces and
The arms they start to hurt.

A turn to the right, the swells are all around
Our kayaks are tossed well up and down.
We rise and we fall with the motion of the sea
GPS Jeff, Gord, Malcolm and me.

For those of you who missed it
The sea, she awaits.
To offer you a challenge -
Are you game to take the bait?

Alas -
You will feel the lullaby,
The motion of the sea -
One with your boat like
GPS Jeff, Gord, Malcolm and me!

Had a lovely paddle
- the waves and wind were a little daunting!
See you next time!


Cheers! Nancy
"Taking one day at a time"