Oh What a Night 2002

Twas a magical night
The night of the hike
Twas a magical night
The night was just right!

For the seven who went out
On that magical night
For the seven who saw stars
The stars were so bright.

The trail it was snowy
With tracks just right
For three skiers who ventured
Into the night.

Nancy fell once
And Greg took a tumble.
Watch out Barb -
Don't fall in a jumble!

Jerome walked behind
With Viking and Wayne
Ian brought Frosty
Who romped with no pain!

Bracken joined too!
Can't leave him behind.
The seven were human
but intotal, there were nine!

Woods laden with snow
And branches hung low
The night was so still
The moon gave a glow.

For 70 minutes,
The seven they went
Along the groomed trail
Like a ribbon - heaven sent!

And after the walk
And after the ski
To shelter and warmth
In the home of Barbie!

Drinks and snacks were consumed
Greg's chili was great!
We were tired and content
And alas it grew late.

So off to our cars
We slowly wound down.
But will remember this night
Where beauty abound!

This hike is doer, again and again
Let's hope more can make it
Let's all bring a friend!

Special thanks to Barb and Greg for hosting this great hike! Wonderful landscape and for those of you keen to winter hike, camp and ski, I would suggest this area - not a long drive, but you really feel that you are "away" from it all. Lots of lakes scattered throughout!

===== Cheers! Nancy
"Taking one day at a time"