Catch The Wind 2002

It was a glorious Sunday afternoon as sungod, Mr & Mrs. O'Prick, 2 bite blondie, Mr. Walmart, Scrounger, I'm Selling Halifax, Viking and The Voice of Reason hopped on their steads and headed off from the Fall River Timmies towards Endfield. The speed was about 35kms/hr. Yes, the wind was carrying us along. A speedy kilometer from the start point, Viking was sporting his first flat, and (I believe thankfully) he walked back to his car. Did he know something about the wind that the rest of us at yet to realize? Scrounger said goodbye to us at the Big Stop - some excuse about his better half having him for dinner - sounded kind of kinky to us...strawberries and whipped cream came into the this an excuse for not continuing or what?!

At Endfield we turned left at Home Hardware, then kept right heading towards Nine Mile River (wherever that is!) and Teddleberry Farm. We turned right on to highway #14 back towards Elmsdale, and into WIND.. BIG WIND... STRONG WIND... DRYING WIND...RELENTLESS WIND... There was a stop at a farmers market to enjoy a cold drink and an ice cream or two then back to serious and hard peddling...home.

65 kms in total. Good ride...good friends...good grief I'm tired!

Cheers! Nancy
"Taking one day at a time"