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Gilda and I are in our 5th day in Arizona. Today we visited Four Corners where we stood in four states at once. Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. Really a neat thing. It is the survey marker that marks the intersection of the four states. It is in the Navajo Nation Reserve. Far northern Arizona. We also drove through Monument Valley. Closest thing to the moon landscape that we could imagine. All red like PEI also. Yesterday we did the Grand Canyon South Rim. Simply amazing! Unbelievable. We did a shuttle drive / walk tour to eight lookoffs over the canyon and Colorado river. There is some great hiking for the more adventureous. Earlier in the week we (of Course) had to visit Tombstone and the OK Corral where Wyatt Earp and family did in Billy Clanton and two other baddies. Yes we also visited Boot Hill. Weather is chilly up North where we are now.

Even a few snow flurries this morning. Northern Arizona is at 5K to 7K elevation. However down south in Phoenix and below it is in the 80's. Tomorrow we are going to move further west to see Hoover Dam, Las Vegas 1 night and then head south again to see the London Bridge. Perhaps you could Gonzo list this little update.

Perry and Gilda

April Paddle

You were not the only one that paddled in April. I attach seven photos of Gilda and I as we paddled down the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon. The first are three scenery photos as we paddled by. We then had to get out and portage over the Hoover Dam and once we got back in we paddled in Lake Havasu where they moved the London Bridge in 1971.

Honest to God!!! Please feel free to share these extraordinary photos of our paddle.

Honest to God.

P & G