Frigid River Run 2001

Interesting race with lots of turns in waves and current espically at the start and sure separated the experienced from the not so (us) however it was a blast and a great learning experience. Angela Adams and Colette and I made the trip ....4 pro boats, 3 War Canoes, one C-1 and about 8 recreational boats. The War Canoes were sit down 8 person and it was neat to watch as they switched sides paddling by slidding across the seat (all called in order by the stern paddler) the locals said these were the pure war canoes and they can carry up to 3000 lbs of freight or bodies, they were cedar and canvas and had wonderful colorful paint jobs, one of the War Canoes came from Maine and usuallly come every year.

The Saint John River is interesting with currents between the islands and in front of the Bucket Club where the race starts there are one foot waves running in the current. The start of the race went like this ....100 meter sprint all together, hard left turn in waves and current...back to the start..hard left turn in waves and current then away down the river. With the war canoes and the agressive pro boats all together it was tense for awhile but all were safe and dry.

The Bucket Club is also a camp ground with showers etc and provides a great place to arrive the night before, get a good rest, Timmies just up the road and a running/biking trail outside the door of the campground. This was the last race for this year for our mixed pro boat and we are going back to individual training in our kayaks. We would recommend the Frigid River Run as a fun and challenging event.

Great shirts, black, button down,short sleve,cotton with tasteful Frigid River Run logo.BE WELL-BE FIT