Gonzo North Report 2001

Hello SunGod from the north, we are keeping with tradition and have a few things to report, Stalker visited Popye and Olive and we did a night hike on Melmerby Beach, a bike trip to Caribou and a day hike to Munroes Island. Enjoyed the visit very much.

This Sunday10 June 2001 was the first Northern Gonzo Sunday morning bike ride, Gordon Young, Olive and Popye climbed Mt. Thom, towards Truro on the old #2 highway, no traffic, light warm rain and a pleasant ride (more bikers expected next week as this was theJonny Miles 10k run.) Ended with breakfast at the Big Stop (where else) in Saltsprings. Just a note of interest Popye and Olive were met later by Dr. Young who was busy photo copying maps for the expected 20 participants. ( Greater things to come for this scheduled event) ....11/12/13 June 2001.

Popye, Airborne and a Brit named Tobie(25 years of age, kind of like a Ben) left Pleasant Bay Cape Breton via sea kayak on Monday the 11th and paddled to Polletts Cove, about 10 miles or less, beautiful day with 2 to 3 foot side waves, lots of lobster fishermen and whales everywhere (we actually lost count after about an hour and some we almost too close for comfort as they were feeding on the many herring along the coast.)

Camped at Polletts Cove with the cattle, calves, big bull, horses, eagles and moose,( alot like Fishing Cove only more beautiful). On the way at around 8 am and paddled the 15 miles to Cape North where we put in on the last available beach before rounding the Cape on our last leg to Dingwell,scheduled for the 13th.. Up at 4:50 am, listened to the marine weather and beat it for Cape North about 2.5 miles away with the intent of rounding the Cape and finishing our trip by 10 am.. Well the weather changed and the wind came of the cape and right at us at about 35 knots, with waves like I never seen before or ever want to see again, we turned and hugged the cliffs and headed to the nearest port and called it a day. The team NO FEAR, does not apply. I couldnt believe the risk involved and I know we made the right decision to turn back.

Cape North has to be the most dangerous currents, wind and waves around and has a reputation for this, but under the right conditions kayakers do make it around and on to Dingwell. I really like the term You Cant Fake Fitness and also believe You Cant Fake Shit Baked either. All in all a wonderful opportunity for adventure with wildlife, cliffs, caves etc. under safe and calm conditions, I understand why real sea kayakers have the very best of compasses etc, the lifejacket that IMAX has is ideal and we all should invest if going into serious trips in the kayaks, a wet suit is essential even with the best of life jackets and skirts must fit tight, air tight compartements need to be very tight, access to a knife is essential, a compass, a paddle float, throw line,pump, I will never go to sea on a trip without this gear.

Anyway another adventure form the North and in attempting to keep with tradition offer this write up for those intersted in our stories. Hope all are well and enjoying the outdoors as much as we are.

Olive and Pop.