So...We think we can paddle 2000

Education exists in many forms and reveals itself at the most interesting of times. Viking and Popye had the wonderful experience of attending Canadian Marathon Championships in St John NB...WHAT AN EDUCATION...

Some of the best of Canadian and American Marathon paddlers were there and they were something else to observe. Fitness levels very high, high tech equipment, experience by the ton and strategy up the ying yang. There were paddlers there in their seventies who were miles ahead of us at the finish. We chased a C1 for miles and finally got by and low and behold the woman paddling the c1 was in her sixties although she had the body of a 35 year old fit Swede, by the way she won the Masters lady c1 marathon in about 2 hours.

We attended a wonderful workshop put on by the 7 time American Champion Peter Heed (he isthe authorof the book we have all read and the Video we watch , another demension folks, he races every weekend and does time trials on Wed nites and lives for paddle, triathlon, etc. If we combined Bernies tech skill, Vikings drive, Popyes fitness level and a 10 horse power outboard we might have had a chance to be in the top five.

All in all a positive learning experience with the highlight being the workshop and seeing people older than Gonzos racing at a very, very high level. The Masters 1 catagory was the most competitive of all races. Motivated to train harder, learn more, practice racing skills other that go hard and I guess understand the Science of Paddling

It was said many times on the weekend IF YOU WANT TO IMPROVE YOU MUST PADDLE WITH THE BEST, and that is what we did and we did LEARN. POSSIBLE IN FOR AN EVEN LARGER LESSON THIS COMING WEEKEND IN DARTMOUTH. Oh one last note..the top open female C1 told me the winner of Nationals (who was soooooo impressive) would probably place in the top 15 only at a pro race for money where all the TOP FOLKS WERE THIS WEEKEND IN QUEBEC...Oh much to do and so little time...just going out for a short interval workout.....

regards popeye..