Gonzo Tri Team tough in Sheet Harbour 2000

Heavy rain and cool temp. greeted the Gonzo Tri Team in Sheet Harbour 19 Aug . Popye biked, One K to Go Ran and the Greyhound/Power Vac Marathon Canoe Team under the leadership of Viking and stroked by Popye did the canoe portion. We were second of the bike, second after the run and second after the canoe.(sport trivia question where did we place).

Our spirits were high as other teams were considerably younger (by about 100 years) and we all performed at high levels. The local fire dept, local EMS and other volunteers were kind, helpful and we enjoyed ourselves. It would seem the favourite food of anyone connected to a canoe is/are HOT DOGS and in the usual manner we probably managed to get 5 or so (each) into our guts before departing for Halifax and Northern Nova Scotia.Gonzo activities continue to expand and the Tri Team is just another example of how people in their 50s + can DO if the attitude is right.

The Grey Hound/PowerVac Marathon Canoe Team will be attending National Championships this coming weekend 26Aug in St. John, NB and will participate in the Masters World Championships in Dartmouth the following weekend.(Gonzos Viking and Popeye).

(You Cant Fake Fitness)