Chignecto 1999


It is a lot longer uphill from Mill Brook than it is from Refugee Cove. One person carrying only empty food containers can hike back out from refugee Cove in 2 hrs. 10 minutes. A maiden voyage with brand new hiking boots is not always fatal, whereas running a marathon in brand new running shoes is inevitably a death sentence for your feet. ( Have done both many times , Duh) .

Always carry a snugli for your dog on long hikes, unless of course your companion is a St. Bernard or Irish Wolfhound. A GPS is great for boats and planes or people who walk on one plane in straight lines. Norm never sees any wildlife. Louis is no more neurotic than the rest of the Gonzos. Someone should carry a Field Guide for birds, someone else should carry one for flowers/plants on each outing. The coyote shit we can all recognize, especially Louis.


May is shaping up as a true Gonzo month. The Cape Split night hike, orienteering at McGowan, hiking in Chignecto and running the Cabot Trail

Relay. My body is complaining, my finances bursting, but my brain is enjoying every minute.

We may have generated a few new trailnames (Nancy - Maidenform, Jeff - Heinz...ketchup). Only time will tell if they stick. As many who read this note may know, I have been itching to get a name associated with water (rather than beer, meaning I can't tell my Mom my trailname). I swim in almost every Gonzo event, in any month of the year, in all sorts, types and temperatures of water and can't get a water-based trailname. Jeez, what does a guy have to do to stick out? Bruce Duffy (aka Sun God) has suggested "Splinter", which I think is pretty sharp all around, considering my status as co-founder and good member in standing of the one and only true Gonzo Swim Splinter Group. I will try it on for a bit.

- Memories from Chignecto'99 are many and quite varied.

- The gorgeous weather with just a nip in the air and no bugs to be seen.

- Cooking hot dogs over an open stove

- Hanging out with like-minded hikers

- The nice custodians at Cape D'or

- The fisherman in Eatonville

- Swimming at Refugee and Carrie Brook

- Sunsets at Cape D'or, Big Bauld and Eatonville

- Perfect camping spots at Cape D'or and Big Bauld

- Every contour line, up and down

- Feeling the tide at my feet in Big Bauld

- Louis and the 3 Muskateers in one tent

- The sounds of birds and water the entire trip

- The smell of ocean air and back woods country together

- Knowing where I was all the time

- The sight of everyone snoozing at Big Bauld

- Stunning views of Cape Split, Cape D'or, Isle Haut and Advocate Harbour

- The burn associated with hauling house and home over hill and dale

- The delicious taste of ice cream and burgers to finish off the trip