Wallace River Paddle 2001

While most of the Gonzos were off on The Cabot Trail this past weekend, a couple of them, along with an assortment of cyclists and oatmeal granolas were paddling the Wallace River.

The Camerons, Gonzos in good standing, & Rocket, an associate Gonzo were joined by a bunch of Velos and other assorted folks at the Wallace Wharf at 9:30 Sat. am. Twelve boats, (11 kayaks & a canoe) of various styles, shapes and degrees of seaworthiness. Since the expedition leader couldn't find the put in spot he had talked about in his e mail, we all put in at the South Middleboro Bridge, which is a great location, a few steps from the river.

We had one total paddling virgin and one or two others on their honeymoon, so the initial stretch of water was slow, what with contradictory instructions and advice being given to the newbies.

The first km. or two of river was low, so there were a couple of bumps and scrapes, some fast water, but nothing on the scale of Kenduskeag. Once past the second bridge, the river changes form a river to a wide tidal estuary within a few hunded meters. Despite flowing downstream, the tide was coming in, so coasting wasn't an option. Still the sun was shining, the black flies were all on shore , the eagles were soaring overhead, and there wasn't anyone present who had a preference to be anywhere else.

There were many photo ops, lots of conversation, lots of lunch, and we eventually ended up where the river runs into Wallace Bay, then another km. of choppy salt water to the Wallace Bridge, under it and back to the wharf, where the ice cream stand did a brisk business, and several people stocked up on fresh lobsters.

We commuted back & forth for a bit getting vehicles and boats sorted out & drove off to Fox Harbour to take over my sister's cottage for a BBQ and de-briefing on the voyage.

Lots of other kayaking adventures awaiting us along that coastline too, and miles of back roads for cycling. Might make a good three day weekend adventure spot for later in the summer.